The Fall Nail Color Menu

It's almost November—do you know where your fall manicure is? The answer is just after this line break. Team ITG poured over every shade of ruddy eggplant, pumpkin spice latte, and gently billowing harvest leaf in order to find the perfect outfit for the season—the perfect complements to whatever cozy sweater and jean combo you'll be sporting for the next couple of months. The research was long and grueling, but we got it down to 9. Meet your new fall weather friends:

Mauve: Deborah Lippmann Love Hangover
A somber grape shade that serves major Sarah Sanderson vibes, with a potent formula—one coat is all you need. Magic!

Holly: Smith and Cult Darjeeling Darling
We get it, you're excited about Christmas. And while it's too early to start blaring All I Want For Christmas Is You from any and all electronic orifices, it's not too early to go tannenbaum on the nail—especially if the shade is Smith and Cult's cool, verdant, vaguely jolly shade of green.

Cerulean: Burberry Teal Blue
Wears well with everything. Just ask Emily Ferber, who'll be sporting this one all the way through March.

Wine: Tom Ford Plum Noir
A full-bodied shade that's so grapey, you have to be 21 or older to wear it.

Black (but not quite): Guerlain Black Perfecto
A less-than-pitch black with an understated red shimmer load that tells the world, "Yeah, I used to shop at Hot Topic. What of it?" Never forget where you came from.

Iridescent Cyan: Jin Soon Heirloom
"Intergalactic blue-green" may not be the clearest way to explain this metallic Jin Soon shade, but it's the only descriptor that fits. It applies just like any other polish, but after it dries and the light hits it, it comes to life. It's the party dress of this round-up—perhaps not for every day, but when brought out on a Friday night, it stuns.

Amber: Essie Playing Koi
Poor shade name aside, Playing Koi straddles the fine line between brown and orange without going too far in either direction, making it more interesting than a neutral, but not so much of a statement as to warrant caution. A cornucopia of wearability, really.

Pop red: Chanel Rouge Puissant
Chanel, with your red nail so bright—won't you guide my lewk tonight?

Deep red: Sally Hansen Can't Beet Royalty
How many shades of red does one person need? That was rhetorical, don't answer it—instead, reach out and add Sally Hansen's warm-toned crimson to cart. Two coats of the quick-drying formula puts your nails at peak festivity, and occasion or nah, it's eight bucks. So.

Photos via ITG featuring Issue 3 of Re Edition Magazine.

Next, your fall makeup menu: red eyes, brown lips, can't lose.