Robin West, Digital Strategist


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"Hi! I’m Robin West (@robinwest) and I live in New York. I’m the Digital Strategist at He Spoke Style right now—I work with brands to understand who their consumer is, what their goals are, and where the brand lives, then I translate that into people-friendly content. I love engaging with people, and I love tapping into the impactful conversations people are having about content. If you want to learn about what people are feeling, just read the comments section. [Ed note: Hi guys!]

My job is great, but I'm still trying to figure out how to unwind. My boyfriend and I currently live in different cities, so there's a lot of traveling and inconsistent—but fun!—schedules. I'm prepping for a bigger life move that'll give me some more balance, but currently, the only routine I have to calm and reset me at night is my skincare routine. No matter when I get home, removing my makeup, washing my skin, and putting on my heavy duty sleeping products really helps me get into a more relaxed zone. Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm is brilliant, it literally removes everything. My skin can get super red and dry towards the winter, and the heavier Ceramidin by Dr. Jart is a lifesaver. It’s really lightweight but it gets the job done. I’ll usually switch it out every other night with Josie Maran’s Pure Argan Oil to give my skin that extra extra love. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but nothing means more than a good healthy glow.

And I never forget my neck and chest. Two months ago, I was entertaining myself with Snapchat filters while laying awkwardly in bed and I realized I’m starting to lose elasticity in my neck. My chest was showing the same signs—the horror. RoC just created a product that protects your chest, neck and face, and I use that daily. Also, derms have coined the term 'tech neck' for a deeper wrinkle we’re getting from looking down at our phones so much...

So I do that, and then on my face I wear Neutrogena SPF 15 Oil Free Moisturizer and RoC Multi Correxion 5 In 1 Anti-Age Eye Cream under my eyes. Morning and night, I always use a different product for my eyes than for the rest of my face. Dr. Jart Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm goes under my eyes to hide my dark circles, and I apply Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion Foundation for my cheeks, chin, and forehead in the non-summer months to hide redness that I get. The rest of my makeup is pretty standard... Elf Studio Mineral Infused Mascara, which is $3 and doesn't flake, silver eyeliner on the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up, and a smidge of Nars' Orgasm Multiple on both cheeks. I use Glossier Balm Dotcom throughout the day, too. If I use a color, it's a good crack-free base. I just bought the Pat McGrath Lust 004 Kit in Vermillion Venom and I’m not going to lie, I’m really digging the deep burgundy lipstick in there.

I’m embarrassed to say it but I really don’t do much with my hair other than wash with Sally Hershberger Plump Up Volume shampoo, dry it, and use dry shampoo on my in-between days. My hairstylist prays for me. But my nail game is serious. I once shadowed a friend of mine who worked for Deborah Lippmann at Fashion Week, and seeing her care for nails was really amazing. If hands and nails aren’t taken care of, the color doesn't matter. I start with removing leftover polish. Don’t rub a saturated cotton ball all over your fingers—pull the cotton ball into smaller pieces, soak them in remover, and place them over your polished nail. Then I use Deborah's Cuticle Remover, which is a miracle and helps you avoid ever needing to cut them, followed by her Cuticle Oil. I usually do these steps in one night, following up with the polish the next night. I’ve gotten a really steady hand over the years doing the polish, so when I tell people I’ve done my nails myself, they genuinely don’t believe me."

—as told to ITG