The Top Shelf Bathroom Upgrades, Vol. 2

Do not ever neglect the bathroom. It's the second most important room in your home, next to wherever your TV is. The bathroom is where I transform from regular Brennan into presentable Brennan; where I can be alone even in an apartment with three roommates; where I have every idea I've ever had. Where else does inspiration strike, every time, without fail? The breakfast nook? Give me a fucking break.

When Claire dispensed her sage wisdom on redecorating your bathroom, it was April. Remember April? When venturing outside the miasma of your air-conditioner wasn't a death wish? Those were the days. Now, it's August, which is basically September, which is the January of fashion. Take your bathroom to the mall and get her a new outfit. Claire's recommendations still stand, but I'm adding a few additional touches for oomph:

  1. Flora: All of the bathrooms in my parents' home are decorated with a seaside theme 365 days a year, and I've carried this tip into my adulthood—life isn't always a beach, but your bathroom always can be. So, palms. Monstera deliciosa leaf cuttings make for dramatic and easy bathroom greenery—just wash out an old bottle of rosé (RIP summer) and stick in a leaf. They'll thrive for a good while and are incredibly chic.
  2. New fixtures: The easiest way to redecorate simply and on the cheap is by switching out your core fixtures. Shop for the Magic Three: toothbrush holder, soap dish, canister. West Elm's wooden set is both perenially cool and fall festive. Also, an available canister stocked with cut cutton feels unbelieveably luxurious and is mad cheap to do. Make it polished teak, and your bathroom feels like Fallingwater.
  3. A new showerhead: In college, I lived in squalor. Until one day—magically, overnight, my shower had gone from "NYU dorm" to "secret Croatian waterfall." My roommate had bought a new showerhead and it was a world of difference. If you're in the market, Speakman's Hotel (hotel!) one is amazing. It will change the game, guaranteed.
  4. Even more storage: Chances are, you've accumulated a few things since we last discussed this. My suggestion is: Don't buy more bathroom storage. Buy more kitchen storage—particularly this marble shelf. Look at how good it looks in Alexandra Pakzad's TopShelfie!
  5. Reading material: Magazine subscriptions have never been cheaper. Get a few New Yorkers and stack 'em on the back of a toilet. It's just the polite thing to do.

—Brennan Kilbane

Photo via ITG.

While you're at it, do your living room, too. And take some cues from Glossier HQ.