The Top Shelf Bathroom Upgrades, Vol. 1

I'd never felt uncomfortable with my bathroom until it came time to shoot my Top Shelf. A lot of it was probably in my head, but all of a sudden, lack of storage space and that spa-like appeal that a certain few do so well (example: Bobbi Brown; most people with copious amounts of marble at home) were making me weirdly nervous.

So I redid my counters in marble...kidding! I went on Amazon, where I started adding pieces that would up my bathroom’s functionality and feel without being useless when I eventually move. Multiple apartments and neighborhoods later, you still wouldn’t regret these:

  1. A Wooden Mat: Most bath mats are not built to last. It’s nice to have something plush to step onto after the shower, but they’re hard to keep clean—and not all New York bathrooms have the space in which to appropriately dry them out. Change all of that with this bamboo mat—it’s compact, sturdy enough, and ideally sized to place right outside your shower. Your feet will thank you.

  2. Fresh Matching Towels: Your softest terry swim coverup joined forces with your coziest blanket—Parachute’s towels are big, soft, and generally that good, plus are easier to wash than a blanket. They’re made using an aerocotton method that makes them absorbent, soft, and better than my robe.

  3. The Ideal Shower Curtain: If you have a shower that requires a curtain, think about how much real estate that takes up. There’s no missing it. White is an obvious choice, but bookmark Quiet Town now—they’ve got some color, but not too much. Simple, striking, and a bit beachy. Pairs well with shower plants.

  4. Additional Shower Storage: Back to that issue of space... This guy ended up being helpful for me when prepping for my Top Shelf shoot. A mere $17.99 can get you corner shelving that fits about three or four products per level. That’s enough space for even the beauty editors in the bunch—nobody needs that much shampoo. Nobody.

  5. A Good Candle: When all else fails, go for a candle that’ll transport you to a different time or place without actually going anywhere. Byredo’s Carrousel takes me to where I’d like to be most of the time—eating a slice of pie by a fireplace. Save it later to store brushes or toothbrushes and keep that good feeling going.

Addendum—this takes up more space, but I’m very interested in the idea of vintage bar carts in the bathroom. Ones that are more “cart” and less “bar”...thoughts? Tell me below.

—Claire Knebl

Photo via Getty.

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