May Lindstrom's DIY Deodorant

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deodourant-illo-1 copy

At this point, I do not need to extol the virtues of May Lindstrom or her products (they speak for themselves—not to mention, I've done it before). So instead, I'll tell a very short story: Last spring, May stopped by the office during a visit to New York. We chatted for a good long while before I broached the subject I've been talking about with everyone lately—that is, deodorant. Specifically, what’s everyone using. Knowing her, it couldn't be your standard Lady Speed Stick. I'll admit my motives were a bit personal...I haven't found a great non-aluminum alternative and was hoping May would have a good recommendation. Of course she did—better yet, she's working on making one herself! While there are no prototypes floating around yet, she did email me the recipe she's been making for her husband for years. A natural deodorant and an adorable couple story in one go? I'll take it.

—Emily Ferber

I've been back in the studio, and working on a number of new formula tests...including deodorant! I'm a bit wary of sharing too much just yet, but I do have an easy DIY formula that anyone can make at home. I'm a big cuddler and so is my husband, but I'm also SUPER sensitive, and his conventional deodorant was a great big no to me. I didn't like the smell, and I would find myself avoiding snuggling too close to his pits! I knew he wouldn't make the switch unless I had a seriously effective alternative, so this was born. I've been making it for years—and it works.

Very simply, it's pure, raw coconut oil (a small pea-sized amount) with a few drops of lemon essential oil (not squeezed from a fresh lemon!), and a sprinkling of baking soda. Blend on your fingertips and massage gently into clean armpits. Amazingly effective.

If you're sensitive to baking soda, you can try a blend of white clay and arrowroot powder instead. It's not quite as powerful, but it's still effective for more delicate skin types. Similarly, be careful with the essential oil—it could sting a little if you've just shaved. Leave out if you're averse.

It really does get the job done, even for an active man. Now he smells incredible, and I can literally bury myself under his arms without fear—marriage saver. :)



Illustration by Lucy Han.

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