May Lindstrom's The Blue Cocoon


If you are not yet acquainted with the skin magician that is May Lindstrom, gather 'round. First and foremost, the lady is a sweetheart. She's been known to send several members of staff personalized notes of encouragement, not to mention the occasional midnight email correspondence. But more impressively, her products are organic skincare at its finest. A lot of attention is paid to The Honey Mud Cleanser and The Clean Dirt clay, but for our money, the star product here is The Blue Cocoon. May calls it beauty balm and sings its praises as a lip treatment, but with a consistency like coconut oil, the blue paste melts on contact with the skin and is the most holistic eye shine we've ever tried. With lavender, rose geranium, and frankincense, there's also an aromatherapy element for relieving anxiety, tension, and other ills. So really, it's a three-for-one. If you've got more uses though, let us know.

Photographed by Tom Newton.