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A Killer Inner Thigh Workout From AKT InMotion

Home workouts may be confined to small spaces without much equipment, but that doesn't mean they're easy. Case in point: this 10-minute routine by Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT InMotion and trainer to Kelly Ripa, SJP, and Shakira. Don't be fooled by her ability to, you know, smile and talk through this cycle. It is not easy—but who wants easy? Certainly not you. If you're feeling heroic, do this baby twice.

The core of these exercises are the close-to-lethal leg lifts while balancing on your hands and feet (think of it like the crab walks you did in third grade P.E.). Before you hit play, grab two towels for your knees (and position yourself on a wood floor, unless you’re interested in a little shock value). Then get ready for it to hurt so good.

The Weekend Workout is a regular series at Into The Gloss, focused on bringing some of the most effective workouts into your living room, basement, or really anywhere else you like being active. Tune back in each week for new routines. Produced by Maya Margolina.