Key Son's 10-Step Model Workout

Remember Key Son? He of the 10-Step Model Workout that's gotten the likes of Daria (Daria!) in shape? No? That's OK. He's back now. And this time, it's with video (and ITG Associate Editor Emily Ferber as eager and willing pupil).

Key's method is simple but effective, and this workout can be done basically anywhere. All you need is a very light resistance band (but you can use a Theraband if that's all you got) and a mat (a towel will suffice). Set yourself up near a door knob or a sturdy desk to attach your resistance band to, ideally waist-high or below. The video above is abridged for demonstration's sake. For optimal results, do the entire circuit three times, resting 30 seconds between exercises and 2-3 minutes between each go-round.

May everyone get their very own Céline campaign out of this.

The Weekend Workout is a regular series at Into The Gloss, focused on bringing some of the most effective workouts into your living room, basement, or really anywhere else you like being active. Tune back in each week for new routines. Emily is wearing a Vince tank top, Champion sports bra, Outdoor Voices leggings, and Nike shoes. Produced by Maya Margolina.