Best Beauty Advice of 2013: Eyes

Vlada Roslyakova by Ben Hassett
Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh
Rymond Meier for Vogue Japan
Sung He Kim by Marcus Ohlsson
Anais Pouliot at Louis Vuitton S/S 2012
Andrea Mary Marshall's Makeup
Angela Lindvall by Steven Klein
Anja Konstantinova by Yossi Michaeli
Callie Hernandez
Celine Spring 2014
Crystal Renn by Giampaolo Sgura
Christian Dior Spring 2014
Anais Pouliot at Louis Vuitton S/S 2012
Céline Spring 2014
Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser
Fendi Spring 2013
Frida Gustavsson F/W 2011
Giambattista Valli Fall 2009
Cara Delevigne at Blumarine Fall 2012
Grace Mahary at Topshop Unique
Jason Wu F/W 2012
Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013
Christian Dior S/S 2013
Loulou by Ezra Petronio
Liu Wen at Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2013
Chanel Fall/Winter 2013
Ji Hye Park by Ben Hassett
Joan Smalls Atelier Versace Haute Couture S/S 2013
Kel Markey
Kenzo Fall 2013
Arizona Muse
Lana Del Rey by Wee Khim
Lancome Artliner
Langley Fox Hemingway Walks Marc Jacobs
Lara Stone by Nico
Liu Wen for Derek Lam Fall 2013
Leona Lewis
Louis Vuitton S/S 2012
Louis Vuitton Spring 2012
Loulou Robert
Malgosia Bela by Katja Rahlwes
Malgosia Bela's Products
Marc Jacobs Spring 2010
Mary Katrantzou F/W 2013
Moa Aberg
Moncler Gamme Rouge F:W 2013
Not So 80s Blue Eye Shadow
Oh Land
Photo by Roger Weiss
Rachel Antonoff
Raymond Meier for Vogue Japan Beauty
Richard Nicoll
Sasha Pivovarova by Laurie Bartley
Stina Wäppling
Sung Hee Kim by Marcus Ohlsson
Tarte Multiple Lash Enhancing Primer
Thakoon Fall 2013
Winter Mascara Woes
Viktor & Rolf S/S 2010
Trese-San by Catherine Servel

At Into The Gloss, we get to hang out with some pretty incredible people. Hell, maybe the Top Shelf section is the only reason you read our site, to ogle said friends and their speck-less tubs and most-beloved products, be it a Japanese eyeliner with a patent-leather finish (you can get it at Michael Angelo's) or a face mask that left them looking like they just had sex for four days straight. And reflecting on the year that was, we've had to pinch ourselves (on the lips, it makes them all rosy and swollen) about what's gone down: we've chatted up our 90s icons (Ms. Love, Drew Barrymore, Liv Tyler), one of the baddest women in media (Arianna Huffington), supermodels (Miranda Kerr, GiseleAnja Rubik), and the editors-in-chief of ELLE, W, and Vogue Italia. Damn. (Full disclosure: one of our office plants died in September. We forgot to water it; we're no angels.)

In the process, we've collected how-did-I-never-know-about-that beauty wisdom and product recos, which we've taken ourselves and told to anyone who'll listen. But now it's time to spread a little holiday cheer. Our present to you: ITG CliffsNotes. Starting today through January 3rd, we'll be posting the best beauty advice we received on a variety of topics, starting with eyes. Because they're the windows to your soul, and we're kind of like Santa in that we're very interested in what's going on in there. Anyway, enjoy and take everything you read, as usual, with a grain of salt. Then collect all the salt grains and make yourself the best bath of your life.


Charlotte Tilbury: “When I went to boarding school [in England] at 13, I saw that all of the English girls wore lots of makeup. That’s when I discovered mascara. I had fair eyelashes, and I went from having this ‘piggy’ look on my face to suddenly having these thick, black, long lashes. After three months, I went back to Ibiza on a school break, and I was more popular overnight." [The Top Shelf: Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Artist]

Charlotte Tilbury: “The fact is I’m never going to give up on mascara for myself. Going down the runway, it’s all about whatever is trendy and new. I’m sure the more conceptual, less girly, glamorous women will go for [the no-mascara look]. But the rest of us mere mortals will not be giving up on mascara.” [Prabal Gurung Spring 2014]

Arizona Muse: “I really love the eyeliner-and-no-mascara look. Mascara is the most easily spotted makeup. It’s very natural, obviously, but you can always see it on someone’s face. When you don’t wear it, it looks like you really have no makeup on, but somehow your eyes are just popping.” [The Face: Arizona Muse, Model]

Diane Kendal: “I think it's more modern to not use mascara—the cream liner gives great definition, and by using that very close to the lashes, you actually put a very thin coating on the lashes, like a mascara would.” [Thakoon Fall 2013]

Wayne Goss: “If you’re not endowed with a lot of bottom lashes, I wouldn’t even touch bottom-lash mascara. You’re just drawing attention to a feature that isn’t great, saying ‘Look: I’ve got no lashes.’ Don’t do that. [Laughs] If you’re lucky enough to have the lashes to support the look, go for it—just make sure that the mascara is waterproof and that the wand is completely clean of excess makeup, so you don’t have clumps.” [How To Wear Lower Eye Makeup]

Lucia Pieroni: “When you curl your lashes and add mascara, you lose that area of the eye, and it’s actually quite beautiful, I think. Mascara can be very pretty—it helps make a very doll-like eye—but if you're trying to get a strong message across, and you do strong makeup and then "pretty" eyes, it's not the most powerful thing.” [Rochas Fall 2013]

Julia Restoin Roitfeld: "I think an eyelash curler makes me look much more awake, even when I haven't gotten much sleep. It's a really important tool for a mom to have. The MAC one works for me." [The Top Shelf: Julia Restoin Roitfeld]

Azza Yousif: “For makeup, I prefer an everyday, easy look. Sometimes, I don’t want to wear anything—I don’t feel like it—but at the same time, if you don’t wear any makeup at all, people feel like you’re not really ready or awake… Just curling your lashes with the MAC Full Lash Curler helps a lot.” [The Top Shelf: Azza Yousif, Fashion Editor, Vogue Homme International]


James Kaliardos: "If your lids hang over your eye, the eye pencil is better, but if your eyes pop out more, I would use a paint-on liner." [Rodarte Spring 2014]

Arizona Muse: “When my hair was black, I wore more black eyeliner, but now it seems kind of harsh. Instead I wear a dark brown—Estée Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner in Blackened Cocoa—on the top and bottom inner rims of my eyes. It’s definitely still there, but I don’t notice it as much as the black eyeliner.” [The Face: Arizona Muse, Model]

Tom Pecheux: “I just came back from Marfa, Texas where I saw Donald Judd’s work and was totally inspired by the cube, because it’s so simple yet very powerful. So, like a cat eye, we put the cube on the outer corner of the girls’ eyes, using an Estée Lauder eye pencil to outline the shape and then, with a square brush, filling it in with a cream shadow. You want to 'tilt' the shape, but not too much, to keep it graphic and contemporary, and to avoid being retro. We didn’t use mascara to, again, keep it very minimal… And we put a nude, slightly glossy color on the lids to make them look ‘humid.’ For me, this is a great look that a woman could build during the day, rather than just adding a lip for night. You can wake up, go to work, and, without having to go home and change, add this eye and go out for dinner, drinks, and who knows what afterward.” [Derek Lam Spring 2014]

Stacey Nishimoto: “Givenchy makes my favorite liquid liners—the Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner—because of their satin finish, which makes the light kind of dance off your lash line. I like liquid-y movement most of the time, but in the winter, I prefer matte liner. In that case, I’ll use a potted gel liner from L’Oréal: the Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner. It’s great because it’s like a creamy-velvet feel—even when it gets old, it stays creamy. Really, it looks like a black velvet dress on your eye. [Laughs]" [The Top Shelf: Stacey Nishimoto, Makeup Artist, Nasty Gal]

François Nars: “White pencil inside the inner eye makes the eyes look bigger and more open.” [Marc Jacobs Fall 2013]

Harry Brant: “I always do nude eyeliner in the inside of my waterline. I like Dolce’s #9 eye pencil. A lot of them come off as clumpy but this one is absolutely insane—it’s so smooth and you can also use it in the inner corner and the crease above your eye to define the lid. Sometimes, I do it on the whole eyelid and then cover everything in concealer. It makes your eyes look much bigger…much bigger. And it also makes them look a lot more open and bright. I never do ‘guyliner.’ I don’t understand why people put black in their waterline—it makes my eyes look beady.” [The Top Shelf: Harry Brant, Student]


Lucia Pieroni: "We’re using an eye shadow, the Eye Color Quad in #208, and putting it on the lid and underneath the eye so you can just blend it out. It’s not actually about the eye shadow, it’s about giving the eye, itself, a slight shadow." [Rochas Fall 2013]

Azza Yousif: “I use Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eye Shadow in Black. I’m really into shadow—I picked it up from a Stevie Nicks interview I saw. They did an interview with her right before a Fleetwood Mac concert and she was doing her makeup in a mirror during the interview, and she does this thing where she puts the black on the crease and then smudges it. After I’ve done the black with the Sisley shadow, I add some of the MAC Cream Color Base in Dusk Rose in the middle of the eyelid, right above my pupil and smudge.” [The Top Shelf: Azza Yousif, Fashion Editor, Vogue Homme International]


Emily Weiss: "It is possible for your eyebrows to do nothing for your face." [The Top Shelf: Emily's Essentials, April 2013]

Kate Lee: “Don’t get stuck in an eyebrow rut. For example, a perfect, filled-in brow will do something very different to a bold lip than a natural, brushed-up brow will. When it’s brushed up, it’s more youthful, and it doesn’t sit as heavily on the face.” [Brushed Up Brows]

James Kaliardos: “Brushed up eyebrows lift your expression and open up your whole face. When your brows are down, they drag you down.” [Brushed Up Brows]

Pat McGrath: “These eyebrows are like jewelry. Working with the natural brow shapes, we applied glue, gold pigment, and gold glitter in many layers to create a brocade texture. It’s a real build. To get it right, we just painted on the pigment and wiped it away. We were really having fun. The glue was used to ensure that the gold stayed for the full show. And we decided on gold because it feels both organic and futuristic.” [Dior Spring 2014]


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    Great article! I really liked what professionals had to say about eyebrows.

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    I'v never thought about wearing eyeliner without mascara. I don't wear much makeup but when I do it's usually powder from MAC, Ruby Woo lips, eyeliner and mascara. But I do get my eyebrows done, that's a must! Great post.

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    Very good info! I have been doing the eyeliner without mascara once in a while and did not even know that it was "more modern" :) Thank you!