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What's The Best BB Cream?


Best BB cream? Given the number of them on the market, at this point, might as well ask “What's the most delicious food?” or “Which Beatle was the cutest?” (George? Paul? PETE BEST?).To get your perfect match, the best things you can do are try as many samples as possible, and ask anyone with similar skin what they use. There are BB creams for every skin tone, types, and concern. So pretty much no matter what you want, it exists—you just need to find it. That said, we have a few general suggestions to get you started, and the brilliant ITG commentariat can almost certainly assist you if you ask them in the comments here!

For shade range, Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream wins. Most BBs come in two or three shades, Camera Ready comes in 10. And for a more natural, sensitive skin-friendly option, Jane Iredale Full Coverage BB Cream has broad spectrum sun protection in a mineral base (so no chemical sunscreens or dyes).

What's your pick, though? If you've found the ideal product for your skin type and tone, let us know!

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