Victoria Lewis

Growing up between California, Paris, and Texas, Victoria acquired lots of airline miles and a relentlessly adventurous spirit. Now, she puts her curiosity to work testing unconventional beauty treatments and interesting (preferably all-natural!) products. Her happy place? Planning her next vacation.

Open Thread

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Working from home au naturale, a bottle of red wine and a movie instead of being social on a Friday...everyone's got a thing—time to share with the publicRead more >

The Review

Drinking The Drunk Elephant Kool-Aid

Based on a foundation of marula oil, Tiffany Masterson's Drunk Elephant line is a sensitive skinned person's dream come trueRead more >

The Extras

Sick? Try An Herbal Apothecary

Whether you're tired, sick, or hung over—there's a tonic for thatRead more >

The Extras

Let's Talk About (Safe & Sustainable) Sex, Baby

The father-daughter duo behind Sustain Condoms wants you to bring something a little bit more organic into the bedroomRead more >

The Extras

A Beginner's Guide To Hot Yoga

If you can't stand the heat...get out of the studioRead more >

Just In

The Storied Scents Of D.S. & Durga

An afternoon with the husband-and-wife team behind the perfume line with fragrances called things like Burning Barbershop and Cowboy GrassRead more >

The Review

Would You Like Charcoal With That Juice?

Testing the lastest in juice fads, one grayish black bottle at a timeRead more >

The Extras

Freeze Your Butt Off

Everyone from Usain Bolt to Crystal Renn swears by cryotherapy's very cold, toned results—we investigate how to chill yourself to a better bodyRead more >

The Technique

Learning To Love Acupuncture

Why playing pin cushion every once and awhile can cure you of everything from hay fever to anxietyRead more >

The Extras

Cure Everything With Essential Oil

A layman's guide to lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage, etc.Read more >


Seriously, Take A Yoga Cruise

Surprisingly, balancing isn't that much harderRead more >