Molly Young


The Quest For The Perfect Pair Of Aviators

Molly Young gives a completely biased review (and brief history!) of the Warby Parker X ITG collectionRead more >

The Review

$100 Toothpaste: A Review

Luxury toothpaste is a thing, it's made from chocolate, and it leaves your teeth feeling like you just had them professionally cleanedRead more >

The Extras

The Oprah Cleanse

A week eating nothing but foods approved by Lady ORead more >

Book Club

A Guide To Dressing Rich

This week's Book Club installment explores the relevancy of one woman's 1982 primer on how to exude wealth through pleated trousers, along with her controversial take on jelliesRead more >

ITG ♥s

Mane 'N Tail Is The Best Horse Shampoo For Humans

Finally, an amazing beauty product that truly is multipurposeRead more >

Book Club

The Beautiful People's Diet

Fresh from 1973, and according to a glamorous real-life Italian princessRead more >

ITG ♥s

Lipstick For People Who Snack Constantly

Like a bold red lip? Like eating? This powerhouse liquid lipstick lets you enjoy both, in unisonRead more >

Book Club

How To Dress For Success

"Most American women dress for failure. Do you?" —some guy from 37 years agoRead more >

The Extras

How To Dress Like An '80s Spy

On emulating Keri Russell's look from 'The Americans'Read more >

The Extras

ITG Resolutions: Make Decorated Mush

Molly Young on those hyper-styled bowls of berries and seeds (and maca? what is maca?), which look so appetizing, soul-nourishing, and can't be THAT hard to make, right?Read more >

Hair Ideas

'American Hustle' Hair

"The makeup, I could take or leave," writes Molly Young. "The hair, I wanted to replicate." And replicate she does...Read more >

The Extras

Undercover Redhead

Molly Young always wanted to have red hair. "Rock It Like a Redhead," a new annual event targeted at the ginger demo, offered her the perfect opportunity to try itRead more >

The Review

Foundation Week, Day 3: Skype Your Way To The Perfect Shade

Prescriptives' cult Custom Blend program is back and online-only. Molly Young logs onRead more >

The Review

Foundation Week, Day 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The results are in! Which ones work, which don't, and Molly's recommendationsRead more >

The Review

Foundation Week, Day 1: Your Epidermis Is Showing

What's the deal with foundation? Part 1 of writer Molly Young's investigation into the inner workings of the makeup building-blockRead more >