Alyssa Reeder

Alyssa Reeder is a California-born, New York City-bred writer and editor. Formerly in beauty at Vanity Fair, she now splits her time between the coasts, avoiding the winter, and discreetly painting her nails on the airplane.

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I'm Force-Feeding My Friends Coffee Table Books For Christmas

And it's partially because they ship in two days from Amazon PrimeRead more >

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Losing Your Hair Vs. Losing Your Mind

A reminder that stress really does affect your hairRead more >

The Extras

LA's Finest Liberal Arts College Is A Hair Salon

Salon Benjamin hosts regular art history lessons, movie nights, and will make your hair color happier than it's ever been, proving heaven is a place on Melrose AvenueRead more >

The Extras

Shiva Rose's Guide To Living Well

The woman behind the Shiva Rose oils shows us around her farm, where there are chickens roaming free, a garage laboratory, and more crystals than you can shake a stick atRead more >

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The Beauty Of Being A Little Bit Of Everything

Half Japanese-Hawaiian, half Swiss-Welsh, Alyssa Reeder writes about the one beauty rule when it comes to being mixed-race: that there are no rulesRead more >

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Advice For Wannabe Surfers

Blue Crush-inspired beauty advice foreverRead more >

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The Skincare Of A Geisha

Exploring storied Japanese beauty secrets, one ingredient at a timeRead more >

The Extras

Navigating A Japanese Drugstore

Back from Tokyo, Alyssa Reeder reports on Japan's drugstore beauty staplesRead more >


Free Advice: Go to Japan And Take Off Your Clothes

Writer Alyssa Reeder escapes her Tokyo vacation for an afternoon in the countryside hot springs, called onsensRead more >