Alexis Cheung

Alexis is originally from Hawaii but now calls New York City home, despite the winter. When she was eight years old, she wanted to be a dermatologist. Now, she is a beauty writer instead, exploring the intricacies of makeup and skincare's relationship to identity and femininity. 

The Extras

Jacket Required

Or, How Not To Wear A Shirt In PublicRead more >

The Review

An Ode To Old Spice

Fun fact: the boys actually borrowed this one from usRead more >

The Review

Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

Like a meditation session, but it fits in your purseRead more >

Book Club

Open Thread: Was She Pretty?

Asking the tough questions about your lover's previous loversRead more >

The Review

Adventures In Investment Skincare

SkinCeuticals' antioxidant-filled Phloretin CF oil costs more than a share of Apple, but pays off sooner (and is a lot more fun to use)Read more >

The Technique

Seriously, Try Energy Healing

Chances are that you could use some, regardless of your level of skepticismRead more >

The Makeup

Still Cool: Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss

Harkening back to the days when a glossy brown lip was everything you could ever wantRead more >

The Review

Am I Alexa Chung Yet?

Alexis Cheung and Alexa Chung are two very different people—can a cocktail of Chanel, YSL, and a whole lot of Eyeko liner and mascara change that?Read more >

The Review

Makeup Of The Future

A long overdue review of Kjaer Weis—the organic makeup you'd want to wear even if it wasn't organicRead more >

The Extras

A Guide To Navigating A Sex Shop

Because you're probably not thinking about things like body-safe materials or budget if you're just starting to publicly embrace your sexualityRead more >


In Defense Of Chronic Baby Voice

Expert theories behind vocal fry—so you can stop judging a girl by how high her voice gets at the end of sentencesRead more >

The Technique

Pretend You're Not A Tourist: Hawaii Edition

A Hawaiian émigré on island-life essentials: tiny bikinis, kukui nut oil, and tita bunsRead more >

Word of Mouth

The Blurred-Line Relationships With People We Pay To Touch Us

Expert takes on the funny feelings that come with engaging in intimate interactions with your fitness instructor (or piercer, massage therapist, tattoo artist...)Read more >