Makeup Of The Future


Let’s play a word association game. I say, “silver and sleek,” you might think:

1) industrial kitchen remodel

2) Apple products

3) things that are not organic

Yet, organic is exactly what Kjaer Weis’ (pronounced ‘Kear Weiss’) streamlined, architecturally packaged makeup is. More importantly, her products perform like those with more conventional formulations. Better, even.

Take the lip tint Dream State. Its subtle nude color both conceals and slightly reveals your lip’s natural hue, producing a buff sheen instead of horrifying foundation lips. Bliss Full leaves lips a Jacqueline Kennedy shade of pale pink. The deep plum Goddess can be lightly applied for a rouge flush or layered for a lacquered finish that won’t run all over your face.

The Radiance highlighter has definite sparkle, but catches light in a delicate, inconspicuous way. It also blends better and is a good alternative for those with oily/combination skin over its organic luminizing counterpart.

Yes, organic = expensive. But, in the same way I’ll pay for farmer’s market organic heirloom cherry tomatoes, I’ll pay for Kjaer’s products. Not because I necessarily believe the ingredients are exponentially better for me, but because the finished product is incomparably superior. Your natural skin shows through the added glow instead of being covered by a thick layer of it.

Plus, the packaging: its heft makes it difficult for the little guys to go amiss in your purse. The angular edges make them a formidable weapon, and they're also refillable. Makeup that assists in assault protection and with waste reduction? Thoroughly modern, indeed.

—Alexis Cheung