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Glossier 2021 Grantees
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Meet The
Glossier 2021 Grantees

10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands You Need On Your Radar
Remember last year, when Glossier launched its Black-owned beauty grant program, and you found the game-changing product your Top Shelf was missing? The second cohort of grantees has just been named—and you’re going to want to take notes. Applicants brought their A-game, but the buck stopped at ITG’s own Senior Editor Ashley, who personally tested products from the semifinalists and helped narrow them down to 10 grantees. Guys… this stuff is *good*. Heck, some of the brands are already toting Top 25 awards! So in addition to their $50,000 grants, we’re giving these 10 brands the ITG stamp of approval too. Keep watching this space—you may *think* you know their brands already, but these Black entrepreneurs are just getting started.
Range Beauty

After years of feeling like darker skin tones weren’t getting the love they deserved, fashion veteran Alicia Scott just [cue the Tiktok sound] did it herself. Not only does her foundation come in 21 sheer shades, it's also affordable, accessible at the drugstore, and dotingly formulated to soothe conditions more common in skin of color, like eczema and PIH. ITG actually gave Range Beauty a Top 25 award last year. It just goes to show that the right relationship can be right around the corner.


Toner is the middle child of skincare. It’s just kind of...there. So hats off to Ceylon for tossing some pizzazz into this step with their positively delightful addition. Equipped with a grab bag of plant extracts and some witch hazel that we promise won’t dry you out, Facial Toner delivers soft, smooth skin in a few swipes. It even smells like a treat. And no need to worry about splashing the liquid all over the bathroom counter because it’s push-down dispenser cap is engineered for the clumsy toner-user, which may or may not include a certain ITG editor writing this.


Don’t know where to start when it comes to skincare? How about on Nuekie’s blog, which delivers acne advice alongside gentle affirmations. Or at Nuekie’s Skin of Color Academy, with resources for skin pros looking to learn more about melanin. Or by sitting down with the founder to parse out the products in your routine? (What other company offers that?!) Cosmetic chemist Eunice Cofie-Obeng is basically your skincare older sister, holding your hand from start to finish. Come for some tips, leave with their silky smooth Moisture Therapy Cream, which deeply nourishes and gently evens your skin tone with powerhouse tamanu oil.


This is a sexy ass body oil—there’s no other way to talk about it! Picture this: You’re on a beach, glistening, hair blowing a little but not too much, and somehow, someway no sand is sticking to your body. And you smell good, but not so much that mosquitoes start coming for you. That’s the picture SK+N/MUSE is selling and boy are we buying it. There’s more to the brand than the fruity-but-not-saccharine body oil, which is thick and wonderful. There’s also an indulgent body butter and a slew of very pretty candles. But start with the body oil first. You won’t be disappointed.

Fourth Phase

You’ve come a long way, baby! But so has the person who created you. Pregnancy is brutal, but post-natal healing often falls by the wayside. So Fourth Phase incubated a solution: New parent gift boxes stocked with everything moms and birthing pros found most helpful during the “fourth trimester." For each sale, Fourth Phase even donates to mothers in Sub-Saharan Africa and mothers in the US experiencing homelessness. The new parent in your life doesn’t have time to scroll through reviews for lactation tea and nipple salve. Just do this for them.


Synthetic braiding hair gives a whopping one third of women who use it scalp irritation. And after it’s used, to add insult to injury, it gets shuffled to a landfill at a rate of 30 million pounds of plastic hair each year. It’s a lose-lose situation that Rebundle answers with a win-win proposition. They offer the first US-made, plant-based (it's banana fibers!), totally compostable braiding hair. If synthetic hair is still easier, you can also mail them used bundles to be properly recycled. Welcome to the future: one woman’s breakfast fruit becomes another’s knotless box braids; what’s Senegalese twists right now may be lawn furniture tomorrow.


The holy grail of curl creams isn’t one that gives you a decent curl—that’s actually not that hard to find these days. But rather, what you really want is one that’ll keep your curls for days after you’ve styled it. Skimdo solved this quandary with their feels-like-it’s-from-the-future curl cream. You only need to squirt a finger-length amount of the lightweight, lotiony cream for best results, which includes a hefty amount of humectants to keep hair happy and styled. By the way, FKA Twigs is a fan, need we say more?

The Established

“Affordable luxury” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s tough to make elevated formulas, let alone sell ‘em for bubkes. The Established pulls it off, with a whole line of products you won’t feel guilty about getting hooked on. Our favorite is the Top 25-winning Elixa bath and body oil, which sinks in quickly, looks chic, and helps smooth stubborn KP bumps. (The holy trinity!) Elsewhere in the range, find a silky body butter, and an exfoliating bar that looks like a slab of black marble in an influencer’s kitchen. Almost everything is under 40 bucks.

Young King

The year is 2040 and the men have mastered the art of responsible grooming. Their hair: Soft, brushed, and conditioned. Their parents: Relieved they don’t have to field Sunday night calls from Target on which shampoo to buy. The reason: Young King, which started putting in work 20 years prior in order to educate the future generation of men on proper hair care. Husband and wife duo Cora and Stefan Miller created the shampoo, conditioner, and styling line with young boys in mind because they had a young king of their own, and he needed to get excited about hair care! And so the cutest hair care line was born—to be used on royalty of any gender, just to be clear.


We all can’t be Beyoncé, who, rumor has it, at least once spent upward of $100K for imported virgin Swedish hair grown on a totally organic diet. The rest of us mere mortals have to live on Earth, where wigs can’t annihilate our bank statements. At a range of $70-$90, Radswan understands the assignment, with their lineup of I-can’t-believe-they’re-synthetic, modern wigs. They provide the entire wig kit and caboodle, including a grippy wig cap to keep the hair from blowing away, and a scarf to keep your natural hair healthy at night. Not to mention the curly, natural styles look like the real deal—the highest of wig honors.