Every Beauty Editor Lives In Sephora


Does everyone have a beauty closet these days? Blame it on early-stage quarantine, and the organization mania that came with it, but it’s hard for ITG to scroll through Instagram without tripping and falling over yet another beauty closet in 1x1 picture form. And we’re not talking over-the-top, millionaire status beauty closets, but Ikea decked out wardrobes and artfully designed bedroom corners that have been repurposed to store a mountain of beauty globs and goops. They’re the perfect way to store all that stuff that surely can’t fit in an average bathroom. Want one of your own? Behold! They’re pretty easy to put together. Let’s walk you through it:

Location, location, location

Presumably you’re working with a small to medium-sized place (and if not, congratulations on your mansion). Anything can be a beauty closet if you put your mind to it. If a linen closet or extra nook in the coat closet isn’t an option, work with a corner in your bedroom (or anywhere else in your home that gets the least amount of foot traffic). You can build a floor-to-ceiling closet with a track curtain system using approximately 2 x 4 feet of space, which sounds much harder in theory than it is in execution. All you need is a corner curtain track courtesy of Ikea, and curtains, courtesy of Ikea too for your one-stop shopping convenience. If the mere thought of curtains makes you sneeze, fear not. What you need is a wardrobe. You can pick up a slim one for under 300 bucks, a meatier one for $150, or a fancy dancy one that doubles as a mirror. Up to you!

Figure out what you’re working with

Now that you’ve figured out your closet/curtain/wardrobe situation, you’ll need to do a bit of beauty product editing. The tubes that you haven’t opened in years have got to go. And do you really need that matte lippie that’s collecting dust? It’s lipstick, not a signed Babe Ruth card! Once your garbage runneth over, get to grouping: hair, skincare, makeup, body, fragrance, nails. Easy enough; let’s move to the next step.


For those of you using a literal closet or a track curtain setup, you’re still going to need some shelves. Floating shelves look best and give you flexibility when it comes to varying shelf height. As far as materials, your best bet is something that can withstand a little product spill or two, so treated natural wood or acrylic are your friends here. Some stylish options: a customizable one from Shelfology, suspended shelves from the Container Store, and a mixed materials option from Food 52.


OK! You’ve got your space, your shelves...now you need to store all that stuff. Bring on the containers. You’re looking at roughly three sizes: a large one for your tools and large hair products (sprays, conditioners, what have you). For these, canvas or plastic bins work well—please, throw out that old shoe box. Medium-sized containers are good for most skincare products and larger makeup like palettes and liquid foundations. The ITG beauty closet is partial to these acrylic guys from The Container Store. And for smaller cluster of items like makeup brushes, that’s where your repurposed candle comes into play. Or use a pretty colored glass instead! Again, it’s up to you. Position the things you use most often to the front or middle shelves for easier access. And add a mirror, or a nice small rug as the final touch. Boom, you’ve got a beauty closet.

  • Ashley Weatherford

Photo via ITG