Stay Cool, No AC Required


On even the most delightful summer days, as soon as you step outside you’re in a race against the clock. Eventually you’ll be soaked in sweat, red, and annoying to those around you—the name of the game is staying cool so you can keep your cool for longer. You could try putting your protective face mask in the fridge! Making yourself a frozen marg! Ice rolling your face! And when you’re done with all that, make your way down the tips below. It may be hot [insert gender here] summer, but you don’t have to be hot all the time.

Cool off with a head-to-toe breath mint

Mint always feels refreshing—thanks to cooling menthol, it basically comes with its own AC unit. You can wash your face with Renee Rouleau’s Mint Renewal Cleanser and your body with Peppermint Dr. Bronner’s. If your skin is sensitive to peppermint oil, throw one of these Eucalyptus Mint Shower Steamers by your feet instead—it’s basically a bath bomb for when you’re standing up, and in the summer, pairs well with a lukewarm shower. Scrub your scalp with Adwoa Beauty’s Baomint shampoo, then plop in their Baomint Deep Conditioning Treatment for extra tingle. When you get out you may want to slather Care Garden body butter, which either gets its cooling effect from a good dose of CBD or a mysterious “purely herbal essence” in the ingredient list. Jury’s out, but we don’t care! And the finishing touch is some minty Glossier Balm Dotcom. Try not to give yourself chills.

Dress for success

First of all, get your hair off your neck. Nearly all of Eternally in Amber’s hair accessories are 50-percent off right now, so may we suggest a claw clip or this elastic with a chunky chain detail? Moving down the bod, choose loose, light colored clothes in breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. If you want to wear something tight, make sure it’s made of a moisture-wicking material before you make a plan to lounge in the park. (Most activewear is moisture-wicking, and if you’re really not sure how your favorite bodysuit will stand up to underboob sweat, wet it in the sink and see how long it takes to dry.) Speaking of: summer is not the time for padding! Instead of letting two foamy sponges absorb all that moisture, go for something like Cuup’s unlined performance mesh bras. Or a bralette, if you can swing it sans underwire!

Embrace cooling gels

You know how, on a truly frigid day, you might stuff Hothands into your boots or gloves? And the little packets burn like furnaces with no fancy wiring? Be Koool patches, which were probably named by a sixth grader, are the summer version of those. They’re filled with a cooling gel that’s meant to help bring down fevers and soothe headaches. But don’t let chronic migraine havers hog all the fun! Stick these guys on any of your easily-hidden pulse points (ie. your wrists, the crooks of your elbows, the backs of your knees) and enjoy a cool compress for four hours.

Make an impromptu treatment

Your approach here depends on the provisions you feel like carrying around. But they both hinge on a reusable, vacuum-insulated water bottle, like a S’well. Fill it up with ice water, add an optional bag of green tea, then throw it in your bag. Then, you can either clip one of these miniature mist bottles to your keychain and refill with icy water as needed throughout the day. Or, if you’re looking to go full Cher, bring along this Jenny Patinkin reusable bamboo sheet mask instead. The cold water replicates the feeling of putting on a sheet mask that’s been sitting in the fridge. If you really want to elevate the experience, hit your face with this little fan that gets its juice from your iPhone. Are you shivering just thinking about it?

Stay cool overnight

Choose your night clothes like your day clothes: breathable, moisture-wicking pajamas will feel less stifling than your partner’s ratty college tee. Promise! (It sounds counterintuitive, but the more your body is covered by quick dry fabric, and not your cotton bedsheets, the less likely you are to end up in a pool of damp.) Consider investing in a blanket that’s made for sweaty sleepers, like Buffy’s Breeze Comforter or Bearaby’s Napper, which is made of a weighted but open-weave cotton that’s surprisingly airy. And when desperate times call for truly desperate measures, the Bed Jet exists.

Photo via ITG