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Long Sleeves + Manicures

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Ange-Marie Moutambou photographed by Devin Doyle. Styled by Christina Holevas. Makeup by Michaela Bosch. Hair by Emily Heser. Nails by Momo.

It's mid-January: do you know where your fingers are? The obvious answer is attached to your palms; the more specific one is burrowed deep in cozy sweater sleeves, in a fist, trying really hard not to go all hypothermic. Ah, the joys of wintertime. Your fingernails can rejoin the world if you coax them just right and...there! Hello, fingernails. First off, it’s good to be reacquainted with you. And second, why not take this excellent opportunity to revel in the inescapable color story happening between your nails and your sleeves? We're talking long sleeves and manicures, arguably the best part of cold weather beauty. Here are some combinations to help you push through to spring.

Itg nails shot 01 141

Crisp + Classic

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A white shirt? Perfect. Always. And clean, barely-there nude nail polish never goes out of style. Peeking out under a crisp cuff, super lacquered natural-ish nails mean business—the look you're most likely to be able to accomplish with your own closet is also the most classically cool. Momo used Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy in Perfect Pair on Ange-Marie's nails, and Michaela paired it with Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipstick in Haute Cocoa on her lips.

Ange-Marie wears a jacket and shirt from 3.1 Phillip Lim with chain necklaces from Vela NYC and Ariel Gordon earrings.

The Big Statement

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Voluminous sleeves and a bit of midriff call for understated makeup: Michaela used Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara to add definition to Ange-Marie's lashes, and that's it. But that doesn't mean your look should be boring. Try a bright red nail polish (Momo used OPI's Big Apple Red) to act as an easy, colorful accessory that still keeps everything streamlined.

Ange-Marie's whole outfit (top, pants, and earrings) is from Beaufille, worn with a Vela NYC chain necklace.

In The Navy

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For being such straight lines, Breton stripes are the Rorschach blots of fashion: classic or edgy or fashion-y or preppy, you can see a lot of potential in 'em. Ange-Marie was prepped with Pat McGrath's Golden Skin Fetish highlighter for a skin-finish glow. Then, Momo pulled inspiration from the sweater's navy stripes and used Zoya Ibiza for her nails—and the result is undeniably cool.

Ange-Marie wears a 3.1 Phillip Lim leather jacket over a sweater from A.P.C. and Proenza Schouler pants. Her jewelry is from Vela NYC.

Easy Green

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...OK, fine, maybe green lipstick isn't the easiest to pull off. But we must admit it gets significantly more wearable with the brightness turned all the way down—it's softer than black, and packs the same punch. Michaela used Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche lip color in Kale [Ed note: discontinued, but Rituel de Fille's Chrysalis is similar] for Ange-Marie's lips, and Momo color matched it with Chanel Fiction, a similarly-hued deep forest. The darkness is toned down with a chunky neutral swearer—we love one with finger holes most.

Ange-Marie wears an Orseund Iris sweater with Self Portrait shorts. She also wears rings from Vela NYC and Ariel Gordon, with Ariel Gordon earrings.

Silky Sparkles

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For the last look, Ange-Marie slips gilded nails through silky sleeves for a look that's undeniably special. The trick is picking a shimmer that's somewhere between gold and silver—more of a champagne, really—to compliment the dimensionality of something with shine. Momo used Morgan Taylor's Glitter & Gold, and Michaela added Chaos Makeup Multichrome Pigment in Magma to the center of Ange-Marie's lids to amp up the romance.

Ange-Marie wears an Orseund Iris top with earrings from Ariel Gordon.