ITG's Favorite Whole Foods Beauty Products


What does someone say when they know they’re wearing something incredible, but are trying to downplay it a little? “Oh, I just threw this on”—right? It’s a wide-enough known phenomenon. But there’s a beauty version of that insouciantly cool brush-off, too. It’s: “Oh, I just got it at Whole Foods,” or alternatively, “Just the Whole Foods one.” How chill (and maybe a little crunchy) a person who buys beauty the same place they buy bulk-quantity nuts must be! Unless it turns out that Whole Foods is a secret beauty haven—which, of course, it is. Jessica Joffe buys toner there, Laura Harrier stops by to pick up her favorite body oil, and Rachael Wang goes for Dr. Bronner’s. Team ITG’s picks range from mineral SPF to gentle toner and a natural fix for a cold. Read on for our full haul.

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint

The grocery store is a dangerous game. I go in for just one thing, and leave with four vegetables that I have no idea how to cook, a block of cheese, a pint of berries, brownie mix, M&Ms, a tiny chapeau, an orphan, and… not the thing I came for. Dr. Hauschka’s bronzer is not a cheap last-minute add-to-cart item—at a cool $45, it costs double what a week’s worth of veggies from the farmer’s market would cost. But think of it as the germaphobic pump-bottle sister to Chanel’s Soleil Tan: an easy to apply formula that’s more bottled sunshine than instant cheekbone. Sheer enough to be used all over, but not so sheer that it completely melts away, the gel formula is pretty impossible to overdo. You can also mix a pump into your moisturizer for an even subtler warmth. It’s my secret juice for looking well rested. Pretty, even! Maybe not groundbreaking, but sometimes there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. —Ali Oshinsky

Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Medicine

Feel a cold or flu coming on? Grab a box of Oscillococcinum. This homeopathic medicine has the ability to stop a runny nose or sore throat in its tracks. My mom first gave me these little white pills when she noticed I was sneezing and coughing and just couldn’t take my sickly self anymore. I was skeptical at first, but after one use I was hooked. I don’t follow any other homeopathic practices, but taking these pills always gives me relief. The trick is to take them right when you notice you’re getting sick. Taken then, it can help temper headaches and sniffles. They may be sugar pills, but I’m the fool that feels better. —Chloe Hall

Jason Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner

I wash my hair every day, and I also can’t help but to use too much product when I do this. So, to keep up with that process without ruining my hair, I tend to switch up my shampoo and conditioner often. On top of that I've also got a temperamental scalp (it’s sensitive), but it responds well to tea tree. I’ve tried a bunch of different brands, but Jason’s is by far the best. It cleans but doesn’t strip, and it smells so dang good. And the good news is that you don’t need to have a fussy scalp to appreciate it.—Tom Newton

Everyday Value Hydrating Facial Lotion Mineral Sunscreen

A sunscreen and everyday moisturizer in one. And it passes the most important test—after it’s applied, there’s not a white cast in sight. Texture-wise, it’s just a tad lighter and less tacky than Skin Food Light. Not greasy and not too matte—a hard place to land with 18.75% of zinc oxide. I love a mineral sunscreen you can apply, and then completely forget about. —Utibe Mbagwu

P.F. Candle in Pinon

Hot girl summer is over and now it’s all about sad girl fall. This Pinon candle smells like the coziest log cabin. It also has a great price point so I can burn through these bad boys all fall and winter long. I plan on gifting these candles to a few of my friends during the holiday season so I can selfishly smell them at their apartments. —CH

Tiger Balm

This stuff is a hero product for me. Someone introduced me to it while I was in Greece and ever since I've been using it on and off through the summer. I use it mainly for bug bites, but it also doubles as a not so bad solution for motion sickness in long car rides—just dab a little under your nose. I think I've even seen them in the checkout line? Bless Whole Foods for that. —TN

Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rosewater

I like to have a rosewater on hand for two reasons: the first being that, when I use more serious actives like tretinoin, I don’t like to tone with an acid. Other times, I’ve been testing too many new products and my skin goes totally out of whack. When that happens, it’s best to keep it simple. We know that rose is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so I’m not completely skipping out on the skincare benefits. But, when picking a rosewater it’s important to take it out to dinner and learn a little about it. How is it made? What percentage rose oil, the active, potent component of rosewater, is in it? Alteya’s version isn’t actually a mix of rose oil and water—it’s made by steam-distilling Bulgarian roses, which preserves as much as the plant oils as possible. Plus, have you seen the bottle? It’s beautiful. I like keeping this in my bathroom and I think you will, too. —AO

Nemat fragrances

Who knew that Whole Foods would be the place to host a solid line of affordable perfume oils? Passing by their shelf space of pretty little perfumes makes my heart sing. And since they’re all under $20, I feel like I can ball out of control, and curate my own house of fine parfums. Narcissus is plush and dreamy, Amber is classically sexy, and clean White Musk makes me feel like I have a dozen white button down blouses from The Row, perfectly steamed and ready to go at any moment. Stop by Whole Foods to find your mood. —UM

Photo via ITG.