Megan Rapinoe And Sue Bird's 'Hot' Makeup


It's been a banner week for the women’s national soccer team. First, a World Cup championship. Then a hero's welcome stateside, with a ticker tape parade. And last night, a glammed-up black tie celebration at the ESPYs, where the women picked up an award for best team. Everyone came on stage to collect. Front and center was team co-captain Megan Rapinoe, who objectively looked amazing. Folks, she was wearing a smoky eye! You can thank makeup artist Joanna Simkin for that. She was on hand to give Megan, along with her girlfriend and WNBA star, Sue Bird, their ESPY Awards show look. And with that, we’re passing the mic to Joanna to explain how she went about their makeup.

Sue Bird

“For Sue I used Perfecting Skin Tint in G7 all over. Under her eyes I applied Stretch Concealer, and I also put that down the center of her face to lightly brighten her up. I tapped Cloud Paint in Puff on her cheeks, and I added in just a tiny bit of Tom Ford bronzer around her temples and cheekbones, to warm her up and add dimension. And then Haloscope in Moonstone, followed by Wowder inG8 to set everything.

For her brows I used Brow Flick and Boy Brow, both in Brown. I did a really subtle winged line on her lids, using Colorslide in Brack. I smudged that along both the top and bottom lashline, just to give a bit of definition. Lash Slick was applied more so around the corners of the eyes, again to accentuate the corner lashes. And finally, she really wanted a pretty intense, red lip—she showed me an inspo image and was like, ‘I’ve done a red lip maybe once in my life’—so I gave her that using a MAC lip liner, Cherry, under Zip.”

Megan Rapinoe

“For both Sue and Megan, Dr. Hauschka’s moisturizer was used to prep their skin. And I used Body Hero as well. For Megan especially, I mixed Body Hero with Stretch Concealer on her legs to help cover her bruises. I think they covered them quite nicely! On her face, I used Perfecting Skin Tint in G8 all over, and Stretch Concealer in G9 in just the middle of her face. Wowder went on top.

There are so many iconic images of Megan circling around, and I think I just approached her look with the idea of, ‘I just want her to look hot!’ I wanted that moment where everyone was like she kicks ass, she’s amazing on the field, and yo, she’s also hot! So I was dying to do a smoky eye, and Megan was like, ‘yeah, let’s do it, I’m in party mode.’ So she has the smoky eye, and I made that using Brack, smudged out. I think I literally spent 20 minutes with the pencil and a brush, buffing it out to a winged smoky.

Because her smoky eyes were so dark, I wanted to keep her eyebrows light. So I used Boy Brow in Blond. And then I went in and defined a little bit of hairs with Brow Flick in Brown. On her cheek I use Cloud Paint in Beam, because I didn't want any kind of color competing on her face. And then Haloscope in Quartz to highlight.

I used Cake on her lips. I literally just put it on her and had her press her lips together, and then I tapped it out with my fingers to make her look really neutral.

Overall, I had so much fun with them. They each were done in under an hour. I cannot stress how amazing and dope they both are. The vibe was ‘90s hip hop, good energy. Fun!”

—as told to ITG

Photo via Getty