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A Hair Accessory For Everyone

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Bethlehem Daniel, Alex Mark, Lala Olsson, and Thomasina Sanders photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Yacine Diallo. Hair by Clara Leonard. Styled by Tchesmeni Leonard.

We’re living in a golden age of hair accessories. And by “golden age” we mean they’re everywhere—at every price point and in a kaleidoscope of styles. Puffy headbands, marbled claw clips, jeweled pins, you name it. And while hair products, hair tools, and even preferred hairstylists might depend on the unique characteristics of your own hair, hair accessories do not. They’re for everyone. And every style, every mood. Below, the proof.


The Fun Ones


It’s the hair accessory you know and love and...thought you left behind when you were old enough to register to vote. Fortunately, butterfly clips spring eternal, so you might as well dust off the ones you set to pasture. Use them to cinch half-braided cornrows or, make a middle or side part and use a clip or two to gather some hair to one side. Substitute with a grown-up barrette (or two), like these minimal ones from Valet, or these jewel ones from Neophyte if that’s more your style. Or choose neither and go with a claw clip. Unfortunately Glossier's instantly sold out, but Valet makes some pretty marbleized ones, too. And if you find yourself hot and sweaty, twist all of your hair into a quasi-chignon, and secure it with a claw clip all the same.

All models are wearing Boy de Chanel foundation. Thomasina wears Peridot from Ohii’s Magic Hour Palette on her upper lid and Glossier Play’s Colorslide in Hardcore Velvet along the lower lashline. Top and shorts by Maryam Nassir Zedeh. Alex wears Vinylic Lip in Bank and Disco. Dress by Beaufille. Bethlehem wears Nectar and Moonlight from Ohii’s Magic Hour Palette on her eyes, Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow on the tops of her cheeks, and Lanolips Lip Luminizer on her lips. Blazer by Cinq à Sept, and top and shorts by Aritzia. Lala wears Sisley’s Phyto-Eye Twist in Copper, along with Glossier Play’s Colorslide in Disaster Class. Shorts by Maryam Nassir Zedeh, and top and pants by Sies Marjan.

The Ooh La La Fancy Ones


What makes a hair accessory an evening hair accessory? Just add something sparkly. Or black. A faux leather headband on top of a slicked-back chignon will do the trick. Go the pony route with a low one anchored with a crystal barrette on the side, or two high ones—one right on top of the other—so that from behind the two ponies look like one long and full one. Use a banana clip to balance all that volume. Alternatively, throw on a headband that crystalizes the meaning of “jewelry for your hair.” Wear it in the traditional sense, an inch or so behind your hairline, or pull it down across your forehead if you happen to stand at the aesthetic intersection of glam and bohemian.

Thomasina wears Laura Mercier’s Caviar Intense Ink liner on her eyes, as well as Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara. Dress by Danielle Guizio. Lala wears Sisley’s Phyto-Eye Twist in Copper, along with Laura Mercier’s Volume Panoramic Mascara. Kevyn Aucoin’s Glass Glow went on her cheeks as a highlighter, as well as on her eyes for a little bit of shine. Lanolips Lip Luminzer was applied to her lips. Top and skirt both by Danielle Guizio; button-down by Peter Do. Alex wears the sparkly dark shade from Kevyn Aucoin’s Emphasize Eye Eyeshadow Design Palette on her lids, and Glass Glow on her cheekbones. Blazer by Danielle Guizio.

The Cool Ones


The best thing about the new accessories popping up everywhere is the variety. There are the super skinny headbands (see: exhibit A), satin ribbon headbands (exhibit B), knotted leather ones (look to Lele Sadoughi), pearl encrusted, velvet, and padded options, dainty gold ones shaped like flowers (OK, this one is actually a vintage find), and dainty gold pins in the shape of concentric circles (Lelet NY). Whichever one calls your name, just make sure to leave some hair out front—baby hairs, bangs, whatever you’ve got to work with—to really pull off the look. Or, you can always throw it up in two buns with a pair of Donni scrunchies, and call it a day.

Lala wears a dress from Cinq à Sept and hoops by Laura Lombardi. Blazers by Rachel Comey and Peter Do. Shell necklace by SVNR. Thomasina wears a dress by Adeam, a knit by Bevza, and shoes by Maryam Nassir Zedeh. Bethlehem wears dresses from Merlette, Orseund Iris, and Tibi. Necklaces by Lady Grey, Éliou, and Laura Lombardi. Alex wears a dress by Cinq à Sept, turquoise earrings by SVNR, and pearl earrings by Éliou.