How To Get The Best Curls, According To Larry King


A fun bit of beauty trivia is that there are actually two Larry Kings. There's the CNN Larry King in the US; and then all the way across the pond, there's the Larry King who does David Beckham's hair. Unfortunately, they are not the same guy! Hair care Larry King just launched his own product line—three universal tools meant to give your hair "a bit of a social life"—which prompted a celebratory visit to Glossier HQ. During our conversation, my latent, haven't-seen-the-life-of-day-in-five-years curls came up. My problem? An uneven curl pattern—I know what they look like wet, but one quarter dries much tighter than the rest. This is my cross to bear and I've sworn to many a stylist that I'll soon figure it out. But in the meantime, Larry left me with an ingenious curl tip of his own. One which ensures optimal bounce and a 95-percent dry factor, so you know what you're getting before you leave the house. And one which comes with its own entertainment system. I'll let him explain:

"Get out of the shower—hair soaking wet. Squeeze the hair to get a little bit of that water out, but it still should be soaking wet. No rubbing at all with a towel one bit. Comb it with a wide tooth comb or massage it so it separates. That’s when you apply your curl cream, your finishing cream, and maybe a really soft mousse… Everything has to be scrunched in with the hair. No dragging with the fingers—that only creates frizz and separation. Twist some random pieces for definition.

Then get your phone. Put your Netflix on your phone. [Ed note: the writer is currently watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix and is pitching a David Rose Top Shelf any day now…] Put your phone on the floor [this is where Larry demonstrates putting a phone on the floor directly between his legs so he has to bend his body down to see it]. Get your diffuser, tip your head upside down, put your left hand in your pocket—so you don’t touch your hair—and diffuse it by lifting the diffuser up into your hair. You’re going to think it’s taking forever because you’re not doing anything—but it’s not. Do that until it’s 95-percent dry, if that, and scrunch again to soften the mousse. Maybe massage the scalp. And that’s how you get the best curls."

I'm willing to try it; if only for the fact that I haven't styled my own curls at all, and it'd be nice to know what I'm working with again. Perhaps it's my spring look! So while I make the necessary arrangements, please drop me a line: What are your favorite products for curls?

—Emily Ferber

Photo via ITG