How To Do The Most: Glitter Edition


There are two things I’m absolutely sure about in this life:
1. my unwavering loyalty to Oprah stems from my mother viewing Oprah's afternoon broadcast while giving birth to me
2. I have always had a fierce gravitational pull to glitter. I read in a New York Times article recently that we’re attracted to sparkle because of our innate compulsion to seek out water but for me, I feel it goes even deeper.

First of all, glitter was BANNED from my household at an early age due to my need to put it on literally everything (paper, my greasy hair, shoes, furniture, my mom's briefcase…). I was a completely unhinged, sparkle-fueled beast.

As an adult, just one quick flicker of a high shine glitter lights up every single happy receptor in my brain like the Fourth of July. It still sends me into the same wild-eyed lunatic state I experienced as a child. But, if I’ve learned anything from endless comments and DMs, it is that I am but a blip on the radar of glitter (and Oprah) enthusiasts.

So, I've decided it’s time to lean in and let my compulsion live its big shiny truth. "Lots of glitter" is not, I realize, a revolutionary concept, but my purpose is not to reinvent the wheel. It is to encourage you to let your freak flag fly and not to take makeup too seriously. Let me walk you through my average week of How To Do The Most Glitter:


Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins Glam Glitter
For your staple white T-shirts and jeans uniform, this Icy Opal shade will jumpstart the look into full blast You before the coffee hits. This pressed, tiny paperweight pot is the Victoria’s Secret angel of glitters, and the Lily Aldridge of the angels. The first time I tried this was in a suburban mall Sephora (the only authentic way to discover glitter) with my future mother-in-law. Upon the application of a single swipe, we both looked at each other and gasped.

Every Day

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand
We’re just getting warmed up here… Close your eyes and visualize Charlotte Tilbury in front of you, she’s telling you you’re literally the most beautiful creature that has ever graced her presence (you are!!). Now swipe on a couple dabs of this rose-gold highlighter. As soon as a ray of sunshine catches wind that you’ve applied this, it’ll find you and give you the center stage spotlight you deserve in this moment and lifetime because you’re literally doing amazing sweetie!

Hump Day

Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fu$$Y
This gloss will honestly slap your soul back into your body and remind you that you’re in your prime right now, in this moment, wherever and whoever you are. The shine is EXPLOSIVE and the glitter is not here to play games; it’s front and center ready to wife you up. I would rename this gloss “it’s my fucking birthday” if Fenty would just finally ask me my opinion. But until then, enjoy this XXL wand that gives you glitter lips.


Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in Sapphire
If you’ve ever wanted to go so big with a combo of pure saturated color AND sparkle factor that people are visibility shook and in awe of your presence, boy are you in for a treat. Huda glitter is its own unicorn in the glitter universe that packs so much vibrancy that if you were to take a selfie after applying and share it on the internet, it would end up on my Pinterest Glitter board. I feel more flirtatious just thinking about it.


NYX Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeliner + Mac Glitter Pigments
Gorgeous glitter floating in crystal clear liquid, twinkly to the touch. I’ve been using these two for so long that it’s become second nature for me to just casually walk into the most low-key event looking like I should be in a Fergie music video. These feel like home to me. Good old classic chunky, obvious, Paris Hilton Simple Life level glitter. I love that they say “hey, I tried really hard and none of this was effortless," a refreshing statement to make in 2k19. Ps. You can use both of these on face, skin, and hair.

Sunday (Don’t laugh, I’m serious)

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil
To end on the highest note of luxury and decadence, this shimmering body oil exudes exactly the attitude we need to strut into a room looking like a disco ball. This body oil is definitely doing A LOT. Even before it hits your skin you can tell this glitter is THE good stuff and again, will in no way ever be described as subtle. Add a little of this luxe-ness for no reason other than to hit Trader Joe's or Pilates. You deserve it!

Luxuriously yours,

—Samantha Wilson

Photo via ITG.