The Beekeeper Who Loves Honey Facials


"Hey! I’m Carly (@stein.carly), and I am the founder and CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals. I originally hail from Canada, but I’ve made myself pretty cozy out in LA. Beekeeper’s Naturals is a company that makes all-natural products using plant-based adaptogens and hive superfoods—products made by bees—to help people optimize their wellness and feel their absolute best.

My work totally influences the way I think about beauty, 100-percent. We spend a lot of time quality testing and looking at the effects of various chemical additives and fillers, which has fully impacted my perspective around my beauty products. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it is super porous. Anything you put on it gets absorbed into your bloodstream, so I’m very careful about what products I apply. That’s why I stay away from many chemical additives and always opt for green beauty products. Keeping things as natural as possible is incredibly important to me.

I do yoga throughout the week and love ending my day with a steamy epsom salt bath. Sometimes I’ll run on the beach or go on a hike to get out into nature. Probably the most meditative thing I do—besides actually meditating—is beekeeping. The bees are very sensitive to the energy you bring into the hive, so you have to be conscious of remaining calm and centered if you want your hive to stay happy and unstressed. Plus, I find the steady drone of the bees, paired with the scent of fresh beeswax and warm honey, deeply soothing.

I remember walking into Lush as a kid and being fascinated with all the face masks made from these crazy-sounding plant materials. I thought it was so cool that plants could be used for skincare and beauty. When I got a little older, I started doing DIY face masks and became obsessed with solving any issues—from a sunburn to a blemish—using ingredients I could find in my fridge or cabinet. Actually, I guess I still do that. I always do my weekly honey facial, where I cover my face in our superfood honey, B.Powered. It is this incredible blend of hive superfoods—raw honey, royal jelly, pollen, and propolis. I find it does amazing things for my complexion and glow, and it’s delicious to eat too!

I like to keep things as close to their natural states as possible. Like anyone, I have my beauty faves, but the vast majority of what I use is all natural—and absolutely everything I use is cruelty-free. I tend to approach beauty the same way I approach wellness. I want the highest quality ingredients with minimal processing. I am so inspired by the natural world and believe that, if we can simplify and bring things back to basics, Mother Nature tends to get it right the first time around.

My daily makeup routine is pretty simple—just some tinted SPF moisturizer and a little eyeliner and mascara. Being in LA, I really love surfing, so I have to be extra careful with my skin and go beyond a few dabs of ‘screen. I always cover my face with Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30. To really support my protection, I beautify from the inside out by incorporating superfoods that help me glow. I take astaxanthin supplements to boost my skin’s natural SPF, along with a daily dose of royal jelly. Royal jelly not only works as a powerful antioxidant that helps combat UV skin damage, but also increases collagen production and the regeneration of skin cells. It’s one of nature’s best wrinkle fighters!

My other daily staples are W3ll People Expressionist Bio Extreme mascara and their Expressionist liquid eyeliner. They’re clean, affordable, and long-lasting—what’s not to love? I also sometimes use a little bronzer occasionally to enhance my glow, so I’ll turn to Alima Pure Bronzer, which contains no nanoparticles and exclusively uses pure minerals to add depth and warmth.

Every so often, maybe a couple times a week, I’ll do a nourishing hair mask with a blend of coconut oil and rosemary essential oil before I shampoo and condition with the Virtue Recovery line. Rosemary essential oil is seriously amazing at promoting healthy hair growth and stimulating blood flow to the scalp, which encourages healing while delivering critical nourishment to keep long locks healthy.

As for skincare, every morning and evening after a little meditation I wash my skin with a dab of our raw buckwheat honey, which is one of the most antioxidant rich honeys on the planet. Not many people know that buckwheat honey’s superpowers actually go toe to toe with manuka! Sometimes I will add a little pearl powder to the honey if I’m feeling like I’m in need of some extra exfoliation.

Propolis and raw honey—yep, more bee products—are two other great beauty aids that I always keep on hand. Propolis contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that fight free radical damage. It’s also currently being researched for its therapeutic value in fighting UV-induced skin damage and oxidative stress. Honey, on the other hand, is rich in nutrients, enzymes, and possesses incredible antibacterial properties. It’s a natural humectant, which means it’s a pro at attracting moisture and supporting healing. Since all these superfoods are in B.Powered, you can see why I’m so obsessed with my weekly honey facials."

—as told to ITG