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Maggie Rogers, Your New Favorite Musician, Loves Glitter

If you're caught up on SNL, you're probably already familiar with Maggie Rogers, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter who made Pharrell cry when he guest-lectured her class at NYU. (You just didn't have all that context.) If you found yourself floating from the musical sets into the commercial breaks thinking, "Hey, that was pretty good!" well, welcome to the club. The inaugural session of the ITG x Maggie Rogers crossover fandom starts now. (While you're getting acquainted, may as well go watch the "Fallingwater" video, if you haven't already. It's visually very satisfying.)

Lucky for us, Maggie stopped by Glossier HQ just before she headed out on tour a few weeks ago—a shoot that was booked as soon as we found out she used Balm Dotcom to attach glitter to her lids pre-performance. She's since moved on to more cornea-safe methods (don't @ her), but has not abandoned the playful approach. Easy-as-pie tutorial above; bookmark for your next evening out.

Filmed by Tom Newton.