Try This At-Home Milk Facial


While I’d like to think I’m pretty goddamn independent when it comes to my routine, I’ll occasionally partake in beauty by committee. This happens when simply too many people have given me the same advice to the point where I can't ignore it any longer. I have to try it. For the love of skin and country. It’s my sworn duty to ITG.

Which is how I ended up with a washcloth full of milk covering my face yesterday. Summer’s tough on skin and while I’ve been feeling generally cleared up, my complexion still shows signs of irritation—it’s hot to the touch, flushed, and maybe a bit more pore-y than usual. When presented to a small audience of friends, the answer to them was clear: Full fat milk. Put it on your face for 10 minutes, reap the benefits of the calcium and the vitamin D and the lactic acid and the general dairy-ness of it. I figured, If I’m already going in with the pure manuka honey, what’s one more item on my grocery list?

I had jury duty the day I tried this. The lighting in the courthouse bathroom was enough to give me a complex. After we were dismissed (thank goodness) I walked straight into a bodega and knew what I had to do.

At home, I filled a little ramekin with milk and soaked a washcloth. I laid down on my bed and put the washcloth on my face, making a little hole for my nose like the facialists do. The cool temperature felt incredible. And it smells…sort of like you’re making croissants. Very creamy, buttery, almost delicious. It’s enough to get you to put down the oat milk, that’s for sure. Ten minutes went faster than I thought. A few cold water splashes in the sink and a very intense washcloth rinsing session and I was ready to observe my results: Without makeup on, my skin was nearly perfect. There’s a big zit on my cheek, but nothing’s stopping that guy just quite yet. Everything else though—calm, cool, collected. Exactly how you want to look when leaving a facial. Available for $3 at your corner store.

—Emily Ferber

Photo via ITG.