Lash Extensions, But A Lot Cheaper


I don’t think I’m asking for too much when I say that I want to look good without looking like I’m trying to look good. I also barely want to try. A lot of people have told me that eyelash extensions are the easiest and most obvious answer to this problem. “They instantly make you look done up,” people say. “You’ll wear less makeup,” more people say. All true, but... I don’t like eyelash extensions! They are expensive and take way too long to get on your face—at least 45 minutes, and I'd rather be home, watching my shows. The worst part is this—with eyelash extensions, I can’t rigorously wash my face every day—I have to tiptoe around my own eye area (like we are strangers!) to preserve the extensions. I am opposed to this on an emotional level. The same goes for fake eyelashes—I can never perfectly align the glue with my lashes, so the lash strip always ends up dangling off my eye. And don’t even mention “individuals.” Who has the time to get a hang of those?

Anyway, a big part of my job is finding a solve for beauty quandaries, including my own, which brought me to Sahara Lotti—the founder of Lashify, Inc. Picture the look of extensions and the speediness of a professional fake eyelash application, and imagine attaching this thing to your own lashes like it's NBD. That’s Lashify. It’s truly in a category of its own.

You don’t need itty-bitty baby fingers to use this stuff. I think the magic is in the glue, the curve of the Lashify lash base, and also the starter pack's claw-like tool that helps you attach the lashes (way better than the fake eyelash application tool I’ve seen in stores). It’s infomercial-easy—just brush the underside of your lashes with the glue, and then attach the Lashify lash clusters to your own human lashes (here, let Sahara show you). The lashes line up perfectly, every time. Once you've done that, you'll need to lightly squeeze your lashes together with the claw. It is foolproof. That's actually the main difference between Lashify and fake lashes. On the other hand, compared to typical lash extensions, Lashify lashes don’t last as long—you can re-use them about 10 times, taking them out after each wear, or you can keep them glued in continuously for about a week.

The Lashify starter kit isn't cheap, but it isn't crazy expensive either. You'll need $125 to start, and $20 each time you need new "gossimers"—Lashify speak for small lash clusters. A deal, if I say so myself. Think about it—in just a matter of a few minutes, your lashes could be doing amazing, sweetie.

—Ashley Weatherford

Photo via ITG.