Glossier Dads Share Their Beauty Routines


In honor of Father's Day, a few Glossier team members thought it would be fitting to call up their dads, uncles, and other father figures and talk beauty—since it's what we do all damn day. But if we don't share those conversations with you, did they even really happen? So to prove that out, here are the Top Shelves belonging to a small set of Glossier dads. Turns out they've got some tips! And a lot of drugstore moisturizer experience. After you read this, call someone in your life and ask them about their routine. It'll be fun!

Leonard Ferber

Father to Emily Ferber, Editorial Director
"I came of age in a time when men weren’t really supposed to have 'grooming routines.' You get up, you shave, maybe a little after-shave lotion (if you were so inclined), comb your hair (don’t put anything on it—not like you did when you were a kid in the ‘60s)—now, go conquer the world! Nowadays, I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer w/Sunscreen (SPF 50). It has just the right viscosity—a little bit spreads easily over my face, neck and ears. For shampoo and conditioner, I use whatever my wife has in the shower (no joke). Apparently, I am now using Hask Coconut Milk & Organic Honey Curl Care Shampoo and Rusk Bright Anti-Brassy Conditioner. Who knows what it will be next month. But it really doesn’t matter as I’ve seen no difference (none) in any of the shampoo/conditioners my wife buys. As my hair moves ever closer to the full-Anderson Cooper, I am looking for something that will give it some body. I feel a bit like Henry II, who I believe lamented 'won’t anyone rid me of this meddlesome frizz?' Oh, and a beauty editor once put Lidstar on me. But that was less beauty routine than harassment."

Matt Jube

Father to Anna Jube, Editorial Assistant
"I never thought of myself as having a beauty routine, but as I reflected on what I do before work each day, I realized I have quite a serious morning ritual. I start with a shave using Edge Gel by Schick, with the orange cap for sensitive skin. For my razor it’s Kroger brand disposable four-blade razors, which come in a three pack, and, at $3.99, are surprisingly inexpensive. This one-two punch of edge gel and Kroger razors does a great job of getting through my very thick whiskers. I’ve tried many different shaving creams and razors, but Edge is the smoothest and most comfortable, and the Kroger blades last as long as any of the more expensive brands. I shampoo with Kevin Murphy, alternating between Hydrate Me Wash and Stimulate Me wash. The lack of sulfates helps preserve the gray blending I do when I get a haircut. I use Burt’s Bee’s Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream for face wash. My preferred deodorant body wash is Old Spice Swagger. Out of the shower, I splash my face with Thayers Witch Hazel Cucumber-Aloe Vera Formula, an excellent alcohol-free toner that helps to close my pores. Finally, to help defend my face against the dry Utah air, I alternate between Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream, and Aveeno lotion."

John Yousif, M.D.

Father to Bela Yousif, PR manager
"My daughter sent me a text asking if I wanted to be featured on the Glossier website Father’s Day section. Of course! Sounds like a great idea. She said I had to write a paragraph about my skincare routine. (An assignment from my daughter! The tables have turned!) Since I am a plastic surgeon, she said this should be right up my alley, and it should be short and cute. Now the pressure is on! I can’t just be using Ponds Cold Cream, I have to share something important and useful. So, my routine starts with my Platinum Sonicare toothbrush, which is amazing. Then downstairs for the triple espresso from my Jura Super Automatic Espresso Maker. I brush my teeth once more after this so they don’t get stained. I have tried to talk my daughter into sesame oil pulling because I think it actually whitens my teeth better than most commercial products—I do that at night. An occasional La Mer moisturizer and good sunscreen rounds out my skin care routine. Beyond that, like more men are doing these days, I'll use Botox to reduce lines and look fresher. OK, there it is… I’m going to turn this assignment in and hope for a good grade!"

Don Verrilli

Father to Jordan Verrilli, gTEAM supervisor
"I have to confess that I've never given much thought to my 'grooming' routine. For decades now, it has been: jump in the shower, a quick shave, brush my teeth, and go. But over time I have added a few things so I guess it's fair to say I do have a routine after all. The first is just about vanity. As I have been losing my hair over time, the hair that remains has become more and more unruly. I tend to keep it in check by cutting it very short but when it grows out, even a little, I've got to put something on it to hold it in place (so I don't look like I've just received an electric shock). The other two are health-focused and came via suggestion from my wonderful daughter: a shot of Vitamin B-12 spray under the tongue for energy and, especially in the warmer months, a spritz of Invisible Shield sunscreen. So keep those suggestions coming Jordan!"

Dan Enyenihi

Uncle to Utibe Mbagwu, content coordinator
"I do most of my grooming things in the morning before my son wakes up, but I don’t mind getting up a little earlier, because consistency for me is everything. Shaving regularly and moisturizing every day is really good for taking care of my skin. I normally apply L’Oréal Men Expert After Shave Balm when my skin is still damp from shaving and washing my face with Neutrogena Men’s Face Scrub. I have really dry, sensitive skin that gets ingrown hairs easily, so it’s a great, mild cleanser that gets most of the oil out of my face—I’ve used it for 7 or 8 years. Then, I’ll seal everything in with Neutrogena’s Age Fighter Face Moisturizer. So many body washes leave my skin leathery, and W.S. Soap Co.’s Liquid African Black Soap doesn’t do that at all. My skin feels squeaky clean, but not stripped away. Lubriderm has been my body lotion for years, mainly because it’s magic. It feels like it was made for my skin. Vaseline is actually perfect for my hair, I used it as a kid and I’ve never felt like I need anything else to seal in moisture after washing my hair. My wife gets a lot of samples from Sephora when she orders makeup, and I came across Dior Sauvage. I’m going to be honest, it’s not a very unique scent. I just like scents that are long-lasting, that won’t be done halfway through the day. Sometimes, I wish that some of my steps could be done in a multipurpose product, but going through all the steps is a small price for looking decent."

Bruce Johnson

Father to Kim Johnson, Community Manager
"Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s when I was a young man, the only skincare routine I had other than showering was putting on body lotion to relieve the redness and irritation caused by my very dry skin. I started using Eucerin, which was like smearing paste on your skin but did work, and eventually my skin improved. After a recent visit to my dermatologist for a skin cancer screening, she recommended that I switch to a skin cream that’s thicker than most body lotions. She recommended Cerave, which I now use regularly. A few years ago I switched from bar soap to liquid body wash for showers, but found many left a film on my skin after rinsing. One day while shopping at my local Costco, I saw their Kirkland brand and decided to give it a try. I have been very pleased with it because it does as good a job as any other liquid soap at cleaning your skin but does not leave that oily residue after rinsing. A few Christmases ago, Kim gave me a Kiehl’s men face care kit (now that I think about it, I don’t know if she was trying to give me a hint about my face or what). It included four or five different things for your face like a cleanser, pre-shave and after shave lotion, moisturizer, and other stuff. I tried them all but decided that they took too much time out of my very busy retired guy schedule…so I put most of them away except the moisturizer. I liked it because it gave my face a bit of a glow and wasn’t too thick. When I ran out I went to the local drugstore to replace it and was shocked to see that it cost over $20 just for a small jar of the moisturizer, so bought the drugstore brand for 1/3 the price and it seems just as effective. When Kim asked me to write this, I kind of freaked out thinking that I would only come up with a couple of sentences but wow, now that I’m done I’m surprised at how extensive my skincare routine is."

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