What Products Do You Steal From Your Mom?


Friendly reminder: This Sunday is Mother's Day. Yes, it's always a Sunday. And yes, you do need to get her something. Even if it's just a card. Because mothers (or similar figures in your life, whoever they may be) are excellent. Particularly when they're extolling beauty tips. Lest we forget Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and the case of the Mommy Glow. Maybe your mother sparked your interest in lipstick while applying her own. Or took you to the Prescriptives counter before your Bat Mitzvah with the best intentions but let them put pink eye shadow on you which really was a mistake given your complexion at the time. Still counts.

So take some time today, call up a florist, and get into the comment section and bring on the mom makeup nostalgia. What does she use that you still use? What products remind you of her? And what ever happened to that pink Prescriptives shadow that really should have never made its way home with the Ferbers that fateful day? All fair game.

Photo via ITG.