Justine Skye, Musician


"I was in the studio one day, and someone walked in and they were listening to what I was making, and they were like 'Wow this sounds so magical, you’re like a unicorn!' And it just instantly clicked. My signature hair look is purple and straight—it has been since I was 15. Besides, unicorns are unique, they’re majestic, they’re powerful, and they’re unstoppable. So, why would you not want to be a unicorn? [Laughs] I changed my name on Instagram, it just became the whole theme of Justine Skye. I just put out my single, "Back For More", featuring Jeremih, and I’m currently finishing up my album. I can’t wait for it to be out.

My first experience with beauty was in middle school. I think it was about sixth or seventh grade and I had started wearing eyeliner. And I remember this one boy, he was like, ‘Why are you wearing that? You look like a whore! Only whores wear that!’ And I was like, ‘My mom wears eyeliner!’ I was so traumatized by that—I just couldn’t believe he would say such a thing. But I still continued to wear eyeliner because, ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘who cares?’

On a daily basis, my makeup approach is less is more… even though I have a full face of makeup on. [Laughs] But if I’m just going out to have fun with friends, I use a little bit of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I’m a brown girl, so I use Cacao, and sometimes I’ll add a little bit of Hazelnut, which is lighter. You can just dab it on under the eye and go. They’re very small to pack, so you can fit them in your purse to do touch-ups. Then I use some clear Anastasia Eyebrow Gel to keep the brows in place—not necessarily filling them in heavily, just making sure the brows are on fleek. And sometimes I use this MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette. I have red undertones so I’ll use the orange to kind of color-correct, and I’ll contour with the darker tone if I want to get a little more of a dramatic feel. But for day-to-day I don’t really do much eyeliner, contour or highlighters. It’s more of just cover up for any dark circles or blemishes.

If I’m going to an event, depending on what my outfit is, that’s how I’ll do my makeup. So, if it’s a colorful outfit, then maybe whatever the main color is that I’m wearing I’ll add to my eyes—I prefer to use more color on the eye than the lip. I’m going to a fashion show today, so I’m going for more of a dramatic feel right now. I like warm shades on my eyes, and I do a smoky brown eye all the time. And this is one of my favorite highlighters—it’s the Moschino x Sephora collaboration and it has such a great finish to it. This color is called Uptown Downtown, and it’s super cute. I put it right on my cheekbones.

My signature hair look is purple and straight. I’ll switch it up—like, I’ll do different hairstyles, sometimes I’ll do curly—but it’s always purple. It’s been like that since I was 15. That’s just my signature color! And I use this lip gloss collection from MAC on a daily basis, too. I love gloss. I put on way too much. My friends always tell me that I’m shiny in all the right places and that my lips are always glossy, but that they never actually see me apply lip gloss. They see me and are like, ‘How are your lips so glossy?’ I’m the gloss fairy! [Laughs]”

—as told to ITG

Justine Skye photographed by Tom Newton on September 19, 2017.