Diorific Khôl Lipstick


I wasn't sure what to make of Dior's recent holiday release, Diorific Khôl, when it arrived at the office a few weeks ago. First, I figured it was an eyeliner in the vein of Guerlain's storied loose powder kohl variety. Then, seeing it was a lipstick (didn't take long), I imagined it'd be something super matte and powdery, to be applied over the sink at home perhaps with some sort of majestic wand. Inconvenient, but glamorous—I was into it. But then I unwound the bullet. Diorific Khôl is unlike any other lipstick I've seen; first of all, it's pointy. The top of the stick is a pyramid, the apex allows for the precision of a lip liner. But while the shape might be a novelty (don't get me wrong, I love it), the formula is what gets you. It swipes on like cream—satin-y, almost liquid cream!–and immediately blends out to a neutral matte stain. But not that caked-on, concrete-feeling matte. It's a middle ground—the way your lips are naturally—which makes it a killer combo when paired with some balm. I've been carrying the Pure Topaz shade around with me (a commitment, because just look at that tube) for that pillow pink hint on the lips. A perfect complement for the exaggerated cat eyes I plan to bust out for the holiday season. A little Bardot never hurt anyone...and it's certainly made more fun with the most ornamental lipstick in the game.

—Emily Ferber

Photographed by Tom Newton.