The Beginner's Guide To Beauty Youtube

It would have been hard to believe all those years ago when Saturday Night Live posted "Lazy Sunday" on Youtube that the video platform would actually become one of the most fruitful places to talk about beauty on the whole wide web. And yet, here we are, thinking less about Andy Samberg's music career and more about all the different highlighters that can make you look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Beauty vlogging is practically an ancient art at this point, but if you're still one of the uninitiated, don't be overwhelmed—it's not too late to hop on the bandwagon. Below, find five of Glossier HQ's favorite channels for everything from products reviews to ASMR. Dive in when you're looking to refresh your contouring skills—or when Netflix takes 30 Rock off streaming rudely at the end of the month. Whichever comes first.

The Tutor

Lisa Eldridge

If you read about beauty, chances are you're already a fan of Lisa. (You also might remember her from her Top Shelf.) Now the Creative Director at Lancôme, the pro revolutionized the Youtube space, making it about more than just amateur makeup artists filming in their bedrooms. (Though we love those too.) Her highly detailed tutorials (plus soothing accent) would be enough to sell you. But add in videos starring beauties like Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Alexa Chung, and you've got one of the most engaging beauty channels anywhere on the internet.

The Korean Skincare Expert

Dasha Kim

Coming to you via Australia, Dasha is your one stop shop for Korean beauty reviews, skincare aimed at the no-makeup set, and very excellent Childish Gambino lip syncing. Subscribe (or just watch without commitment) for all the skin envy in the world, plus all the vibe-y aesthetics you can handle.

The Parisienne


Our girl! She needs no introduction from us (please see this Top Shelf, this After Dark, and this editorial shoot). It would seem even the coolest of French girls love Youtube—but with their own twist on it. Violette's videos rarely go over five minutes long and focus on looks that are probably pretty similar to the ones you've got in your own arsenal. But now you've got a few extra tips—spoken in a charming French accent, to boot.

The GRWM Queen

Rachel Nguyen

Boy, does this girl know how to wake up in the morning. And also go to bed. LA-based Rachel Nguyen has mastered the art of filming her quiet, alone moments and making videos we revisit again and again. Reviews sound so much better in a routine—and that's what she's here for. And a killer playlist, always.

The Hauler

Patricia Bright

Ah, the haul. A hallmark of the vlog, and a true art form if you can manage to get it right. Patricia hits all the right notes: effortless humor (making 15 minute videos that fly by in a snap), indelible beauty perspective, and a knack for all the shopping tricks you wish you had. Hit play to find your new favorite internet friend.

Another kid of vlog: Watch Christophe Robin school on how to wash your hair like a pro, here.