Michele Ouellet, Model & Vintner


"The main part of getting ready is a glass of Lorenza rosé. I'm a purist with it—I might put an ice cube in, but I don't think it gets much better. Then I'll get dressed. The real classic Michele going out look is a sheer Equipment shirt—leopard print, probably—and super tight jeans. Lately, though, I've been into leather miniskirts. The one I'm wearing tonight is Jitrois. On my feet, it's little boots or Vans, because I'm dancing. And it's not going to be cute if I'm wearing a heel.

I was dating a DJ for a while so I had to go out a lot. In New York I like to go to the Good Room–that’s my favorite place. They have really good DJs come and it’s really fun. I also like the Lot Radio, do you know that place? It's a good place to go before you really go out, because they get all the DJs that are in town together and it's outside. They have a shipping container right off of McCarren Park and they have a café and the radio show, which is also nice to listen to when you're getting ready. It’s really cool.

For going out hair, I always use Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray. I love everything about it. If you're greasy, it can take that down, but it gives it texture so that you can do more cool stuff with it. Sometimes when my hair is up I’ll do it anyway. And for skincare, I’m constantly moisturizing. Embryolisse is just classic, so I use that, but lately I've been using the January Labs Revitalizing Day Cream. It's so good.

If I’m going to an event where I’ll be photographed, I’ll have somebody come over and help me out. I feel like that’s more fun, because somebody’s there making you feel good, you’re having a little rosé, and it’s a friend, so it’s cool. Amy Chin does my makeup often for J.Crew—she comes over and primps me up sometimes. When someone comes over, I tell them what I like. That starts with good skin. I use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, and if I have a spot, I use the Glossier Stretch Concealer. They both show my skin, but with a little coverage and evenness. Something I got recently that's cute is this Olio E Osso Balm. You can put it on your lips and your cheeks... It stays, but it's glowy, and you can do whatever you want with it. My nightmare is having some makeup disaster that ruins the whole look. I want to be able to live in it.

Sometimes I like a red lip, and my favorite is Troi Ollivierre. J.Crew alum, it’s my squad. I'll avoid the lip if it's a wild night because it’ll get everywhere between drinking and saying hi, but otherwise, I love a poppy red with a little orange. Maybe I'll do a little RMS Eye Polish, too, just for definition.

Usually I'll put a black eyeliner on the top lash line. I like black eyeliner because I can do it myself, and it’s also a departure from what I do for work–which is so bare. If somebody else is doing it, then I’m like, 'Go crazy,' but I like a defined eye instead of a smoky eye. I might smudge the bottom waterline a bit, though. This Clarins one with three dots is my favorite, somebody just gave it to me. It's radical—you can just dig it into your lash line and draw. I did that today and went over it with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, which is a good liquid. My mascara is either Laura Mercier or Lash Star. Tracy [Murphy]'s a good friend of mine, and her mascara works well. The Laura Mercier one is really natural, but Tracy’s is better if you want volume and drama. And, sometimes, you have to go for it."

—as told to ITG

Michele Ouellet photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Brooklyn on May 5, 2017.