A Beauty Minute With Kiernan Shipka


Quite literally a minute for a number of reasons:
- No need for beauty products when you're 17 and living your best life
- Because when Emily Ferber asked her about her five-minute morning routine, she responded "It's more like two minutes!" So here's what goes down in 120 of Kiernan's seconds:

"I'm into keeping everything fresh—I love the dewy look. I don't even wear eyeliner! What I really like to do is a little lipstick and then I'll literally take some of it off my lips and put it on my cheeks. It has to be a stain, a berry stain. Actually the Glossier one in Jam! And then for concealer I like Clé de Peau—portable and perfect. For skincare, it's what works for you, not one size fits all, so it's hard to recommend. But I really like the Control Corrective Sunscreen! It's really awesome. I get it from my facialist Shani Darden and it feels amazing on your skin. And it gives you that dewy glow that I like. So it's perfect."

—as told to ITG

Photographed by Emily Ferber