Emma Stone Won The Oscar—Here's All The Makeup She Wore


Glam's gotta be hard for someone who's pretty sure they're going to win an Oscar, but isn't completely 100% positive. Like, how do you round up a winning streak like Emma Stone's (the Golden Globes, the SAGs, the BAFTAs...) in a properly glitzy, but not too gaudy, fashion? Is it about a princess dress? A headband that suggests a crown? A princess dress and a headband?

Last night for Emma, it was about the perfect brick red lip that says "I'm a glamourous award winner, but I appreciate '90s references just like you." Major, but also relatable. Here, the actress' makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, breaks down the entire look—including which tube of lipstick to buy for your next award show circuit:

"The look was really inspired by 1930s glamour with a pre-Raphaelite influence that I had from these paintings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. He used to paint these redheads with all these gold tones around them, and Emma had that beautiful gold dress, too. But the gold was so pale, as is she, so we chose a brick red for her lips as an anchor so the look didn't wash her out. It's warm, but still vampy enough.

We started with the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, which is something that I like to use before makeup because you can just tissue off the excess and it leaves nice plump skin. Then I used Nars Pore and Shine Control Primer in the center of the face to create a base that wouldn’t move while she’s sitting there in the audience for hours. On top of that, I used the Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Finland, which I love to use on red carpet because I don’t have to set it with powder. The formula is so light but it has the perfect finish for red carpet—it stays on all night and looks great on camera. Then I love to use the Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly—the lightest shade–around the eyes and lips because that’s what she uses personally.

On her cheeks, I used the new Orgasm Liquid Blush [ed. note: available Spring 2017) on her cheeks for a nice pale peachy-pink flush. The powder blush has more sparkle to it, but this is like a stain instead and it worked really nicely with the rest of the warm tones in the look. For Emma, I don't do contour—it's too 'done' of a look and we always focus on her fresh complexion and keeping it really real.

To give definition to the eyes, I just used the Velvet Shadow Stick in Siros and Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia on the lids and Matte Eyeshadow in Bali with some water in the crease to give it some glow. It's soft and bronzey to mirror all the tones in the dress. It was about tying the look together so it felt cohesive but not drawing the focus from the lip.

I’m a ‘90s girl, so I love that earthiness of a brick red lipstick. And I love it with her red hair—the shade also lives in that warm world with the rest of the tones. But it has that glamour because it’s dark and still a statement. We were looking at all the lipsticks at the fitting and the run-through with makeup, and when we saw the Audacious Lipstick in Mona we knew it right away. It was so perfect."

—as told to ITG

Photos via Getty and Instagram.