The Best Mom Advice Collected From Our Event With Mother Mag


Last week, Glossier co-hosted an intimate event with the lovely ladies of MOTHER magazine to celebrate the launch of Priming Moisturizer Rich. Hosted at the winter wonderland that has currently taken over the Standard East Village's garden (it has yurts! It has fondue!), the conversation eventually worked its way to the two most prevalent things that evening: motherhood and beauty products. (Also cheese.) Now, motherly advice is some of the most useful stuff in the world, so it seemed imperative for us to share some of the takeaways from the night. You've probably heard some of this from the mothers in your life, but it all bears repeating. Best enjoyed with a bowl of Campbell's Chicken Noodle and some super gentle, loving skincare nearby:

James Kicinski-McCoy, co-founder of MOTHER: "Maybe just don't get tattoos. I feel like you go through periods of your life where you're changing and evolving and a tattoo is very permanent. My first tattoo was on my 18th birthday and I was a big Drew Barrymore fan so I got the very popular butterfly trampstamp... As soon as I get home, I'm doing my first tattoo removal appointment. Apparently it's 10 times more painful than getting it. And 10 times more expensive."

Tamira Jarrel, vlogger: "I always say my three things—curl your eyelashes, put some blush on, and mascara. For my daughter Jelly I'm also telling her not to touch her eyebrows. I know girls go through these phases when they're younger if they're big and bushy and they get made fun of... I was teased! But it's so important. It frames your face, so I'm teaching her to brush them instead of pluck them. She has her own spoolie!"

Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of Tenoverten: "My kids are young but I'm hyper sensitive to the nail thing, obviously. I keep it very limited because I feel like it's a slippery slope. As they get older, no acrylics and no gels for sure. And the other thing my mom never let me do and I'm so grateful is perm my hair. That's a big one."

Nicole Chapateau, accessories director at Allure: "Never stop using diaper cream. It doesn't matter the brand as long as it has calendula—it's super soothing and I use it on my lips or if my skin's a little dry or I've gotten a cut. If it's going to heal diaper rash, it'll heal whatever you're dealing with too."

Katie Hintz-Zambrano, co-founder of MOTHER: "Never underestimate the power of a super-fast 'undone' beauty look—unwashed hair pumped up with dry shampoo and throw into a low ponytail, mascara, and a bold lip."

Maryam Nassir Zadeh, designer: "Even when you're young, you should embrace all of your imperfections and focus on developing healthy regimens like drinking a lot of water. If you're going to use makeup, I think it's important to start slow and do things that accentuate your beautiful features in a gentle way—find a lipstick that you love or a blush that you love. It's about getting to know yourself and gravitating towards things that make you feel like an individual but aren't so drastic so early. I'm very about natural beauty."

Ana Beatriz Lerario, designer at 52 Showroom: "I just tell them do whatever they want. Maybe don't play with razors but that's more about safety than beauty." [Laughs]

—as told to ITG

Photo via Glossier.

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