Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich Is Here


January’s always a big month for us here at Glossier. Almost exactly a year ago, we launched Milky Jelly Cleanser, our first product made with feedback straight from the Into The Gloss community. Today, we celebrate that anniversary with another launch of the same sort. Now we’re beyond thrilled to introduce you to the newest addition to the Glossier family: Priming Moisturizer Rich Luxurious Face Cream.

A brief bit of background if you missed this and this. When we decided that our first product of 2017 was going to be a heavy-duty moisturizer—something you could use at night, during the winter, or any other time your skin needs a thicker layer of protection—we put out a call here on ITG asking what you might want that cream to feel like. The result was, to date, our most commented post of all time—1000 of you wrote very detailed notes, imagining up the ideal new product with us. While we have you, thanks! Teamwork really does make the dream work. A handful of trials and 12 months later, it’s finally here. Pop the leftover champagne.

“But do I need a thick moisturizer?” Great question. You need food, water, and shelter, but you might want a heavier-duty moisturizer if your skin is dry generally or because of the season (at press time, it’s winter, so…). Priming Moisturizer Rich does two things: time-release hydration and barrier reinforcement. The former means that we worked with ingredients like red algae and glycerin that create a water reservoir to deliver hydration when skin needs it the most. The second combines things like ceramides and kukui nut oil—both mimic the skin’s own lipids—to protect skin’s surface from outside elements. Lipids are essential for moisture—every facialist we’ve ever seen seems to agree.

Back when we created the original Priming Moisturizer, we wanted a super efficient crème with powerful hydrating ingredients that also prepped skin perfectly for makeup. None of that silicone-y, pore-suffocating stuff that doesn't actually moisturize your skin. Priming Moisturizer Rich expands on that thesis. Take all those wonderful things about the original formula and amp up the fancy factor a little. We even added the same anti-redness complex and oxygenating agent to sooth redness and texture on contact, leaving only smooth, calm skin that’s ready for the day. Or ready for makeup. The choice is yours.

But here’s the real thing: A lot of rich creams are expensive. Like, 250 bucks expensive. We’re very proud to say that Priming Moisturizer Rich is not—it’s only $35. But affordable doesn’t mean it’s not serious, or indulgent. PM Rich has that creamy, velvety, melty-into-facey formula with just a hint of lavender essential oil for a feel-good scent. Feels as good as it smells as good as it works.

Now we’ve got four face hydrators under our belts—hey, moisture is important! Priming Moisturizer and Priming Moisturizer Rich, which we’ve covered, plus Super Bounce and the Moisturizing Moon Mask. Think of it like a wardrobe: Priming Moisturizer is your perfect white t-shirt while PM Rich is that vintage leather motorcycle jacket you paid waaay too much for 10 years ago, but it looks good over everything. Then you’ve got Super Bounce as the invisible bra you can wear under anything and always makes your boobs look perfect. Rounding out the quartet is Moisturizing Moon Mask, playing the role of cashmere scarf—cozy, comforting, and really reliable when it’s freezing outside. And there you have it! A complete outfit for keeping your skin hydrated and happy no matter what happens. And also, four great coping mechanisms for the very long winter ahead. We’re all in this together.


Nashe Popper photographed by Romain Duquesne. Shop Priming Moisturizer Rich at