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Priming Moisturizer Rich—Coming Soon To A Top Shelf Near You


Let the countdown begin, folks. It’s almost winter, which means it’s almost time to kick your moisturizing routine into high gear...which means it's also almost time for us to launch our next product: Priming Moisturizer Rich. It's something we asked for your advice on last winter, and you delivered—1000+ comments! But that feels like ages ago, so as launch day approaches, we wanted to share a little update on where we are with the development.

(Fun fact: Pauline was actually in the lab when we first asked the ITG readership to weigh in on what they wanted in a heavy-duty moisturizer, so you better believe the responses went directly to our chemist and into our formula.)

Speaking of formula, here's the general outline for Priming Moisturizer Rich:
- A luxuriously rich texture that melts into skin immediately without ever feeling greasy
- Hydration that doesn't clog pores
- Ceramides! A great ingredient that strengthens skin’s barrier
- Skin should feel bouncy after application
- No mineral oil, artificial fragrance, or parabens
- And of course, everything that makes regular Priming Moisturizer so great—namely how it primes skin perfectly for makeup and reduces redness on contact

There's one other thing to mention. Namely, the issue of the jar. A lot of you wrote to us asking for anything but. And we heard you! We really did. And we tried everything—tubes, bottles with pumps, packs... Let's just say that there's a reason so many heavy creams come in jars. There's no real way to house the sumptuous texture we wanted in anything other than a jar. But it's OK! After months of testing, we found a preservative system that kills bacteria, keeps the formula stable, is still free of parabens, and is safe and gentle on skin. Plus, we only chose specific actives that are not sensitive to light or minimal air exposure—worry not about spoilage here.

We'd love to tell you more, but can't give it all away just yet. Gotta keep some excitement alive for launch day in January, right? But one more thing just for fun: Priming Moisturizer Rich is just $35. How's that for exciting?

See you in January,

Photos via Glossier.

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