Tylynn Nguyen, Lingerie Designer


"When I first had my daughter Lotus, I spent a lot of time figuring out what I could wear all day and then, if I could get a babysitter last minute, keep wearing out on a date with my husband. When I launched my line, I used it as a way to find that sexiness in my clothing—we started with lingerie and expanded into things that I felt like I really needed, like slips, really easy silk shirts, and beautiful robes. A lot of it transitions well from day to date to night. But I’m also a lingerie designer…people see me in my underwear a lot more than most. [Laughs]

Our office is funny because it’s a showroom in the front and a tiny little office in the back. It always smells like flowers and mist—it’s like a little spa back there. I’m always spraying May Lindstrom Jasmine Mist because it's never not with me. If I’m going out, I start with a spritz of that and then a quick concealer situation, a little bit of bronzer, and mascara because that’s all I'll have with me. The Diorskin Star concealer is amazing for that kind of situation. I feel like it’s enough, you know? If I wear a slip dress, that’s attention enough…adding makeup makes me feel like I’m trying too hard.

But if we’re really going out—to an event or something—and I want to get super cute, I actually do my makeup with foundation and all that. Lately, I’ve been starting the routine with oil as a base. My skin seems to really like it, particularly when I'm breaking out. And then I look like, ‘I’m glowing! Hi guys!’ Also, I’ve learned that after having kids, my skin’s not going be the same day-to-day. Before kids, it was easy and beautiful. Now, I have to assess whatever my skin is feeling before picking products. Sunday Riley’s UFO Oil is so good if you feel like you’re about to get your cycle—I feel like that helps your skin to calm down. And then I also use the African Botanic’s Fleurs d'Afrique, it’s so so good. That whole line, really. One product that's really interesting is the Sjal Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask. It's infused with crystals or something so it's supposed to suit your energy whenever you're using it. That one is really good to do before I go out if I have pimples. Or the SK-II sheet masks... I don’t have any left, but they're gorgeous!

Once I’m moisturized, I’ll do bronzer to matte my face down a little. The big Nars palette in Casino is my go-to. And I have a La Prairie Cream Blush in Rose that sinks into my skin so well. I do have the Diorstar Foundation 040, which is amazing—again, because of the oil. I think having the oil on my skin before applying foundation makes it apply so much better. But I only do that much makeup once a week max.

For my sixth anniversary with my husband, we went out and I wore MAC Ruby Woo, which I’ve had for years and have really worn my way through. But I don’t normally do my lips. The Dior Lip Glow in Coral is great on me though. Not the pink one—that one makes me look weird. With the red lip, I like to part my hair down the middle, put in a ton of Shea Moisture Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System in, pull it down really, really flat, and put it in a bun. I’ve tried more crazy expensive products and they're just not the business. I get all my hair products at Target, and they’re so good.

My favorite look ever is obviously one of my slip dresses, which go really well with a jacket thrown over your shoulders. I sometimes wear heels with that. I’m almost 6 feet tall, but I still wear heels because I feel like, why not? And if people stare at me, this is how God made me, so have a look!"

—as told to ITG

Tylynn Nguyen photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Los Angeles on October 21, 2016.