The Best Lip Stain For This Fall


Forget your summer, popsicle-reminiscent lip stains, folks. It's September and it's time to pull out something new. And that something should be Serge Lutens Water Lip Color in Terre d'Ombres—something we stumbled on during our daily editorial team standup where we open all the products mentioned on Violet Grey's website in different tabs and collectively salivate for 15 minutes. It was one of those rare occasions where Chrome window shopping was actually productive.

Productive because this might be the only lip color you need for the season ahead. That might sound limiting, but hold on for a sec—there's a lot going on in this chic little tube.

Exhibit A: See above, as demonstrated on the mouth of Aléxia Bellini. This ain't your poppy, colorful lip stain. This ones got a bit more of a moody soul to it. Ideal if you've been googling "perfect red brown lip color" to no avail.

Exhibit B: The formula. It is truly a water lip color. Honestly, truly, it feels more like a serum than any other lip products we've come across. A serum that is maroon-y, purple-y brown and stains your skin for six consecutive hours of wear.

Exhibit C: On that "feels like skincare" note, this formula is actually hydrating. None of that sticky, peely, dry lip situation here. Just your lips. With some tint on them. All the better for sipping that seasonal Starbucks beverage you've been jonesing for.

Aléxia Bellini photographed by Tom Newton.

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