The Official ITG Carry-On Checklist


Welcome to August. If you live in certain parts of Europe, happy month-long vacation. If you live in the United States, ...! Now is the time to take that weekend/weeklong trip you've been contemplating all summer '16, before it's gone forever. For your convenience, here are links to Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak. All booked? Amazing. Now to pack: In the hopes of creating the consummate packing checklist, ITG surveyed every frequent flier within Glossier HQ about what they bring abroad. Now departing:

1. Lip balm

"Supergoop Fusion Lip Balm with SPF 30. I always forget that lips can get sunburnt, and then my vacation is a week of misery." —Kate Caputo, Data and Business Analyst

"I always carry Coconut Balm Dotcom on planes." —Emily Weiss, Founder and CEO

"Mint Balm Dotcom, because I don't keep my toothbrush in my personal item, and I like to feel fresh when I land." —Bryan Mahoney, Vice President of Engineering

"I love the Dior Crème de Rose Balm because it's so creamy, and I wipe the rest on the back of my hands." —Ali Weiss, Vice President of Growth

"Homeoplasmine makes for a good plane lip mask." —Lindsey Manas, Physical Product Coordinator

2. Solid cleanser

"The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm is perfect. It's a solid, so you can carry it on. It dissolves all makeup, and your face still feels moisturized, not stripped." —Jessica Sheft-Ason, Digital Product Manager

"Eve Lom's Morning Time Cleanser is great for travel. It's brightening, it smells nice, and you don't need the muslin cloth to take it off." —Kate Caputo

3. Travel-friendly exfoliant

"Sunday Riley Good Genes always wakes me up and makes me look good before or right after a flight. I always need to look good at the airport—there are traveling lawyers and doctors, you know?" —Cherie Camacho, Administrative Coordinator

"I recently read that the reason you tend to break out from flying is that while the recycled air around you gets drier, your skin produces more oil to compensate—oil that then gets trapped under that top layer of dry skin. It's gross. So to compensate, when I get to my seat, I quickly exfoliate with MDSun's Skin Exfoliation Pads. You just wipe your face and toss the tiny pad away. It's pretty subtle." —Emily Ferber, Editor

4. Mist, obviously

"I use the Tata Harper Travel Sized Hydrating Floral Essence, which is very refreshing. And if you don't want to put makeup on, it just makes you look fresh for landing." —Brittany Ricca, Associate Manager, Public Relations

"Caudalie's Beauty Elixir is always with me. I don't know if it does anything, but it's refreshing and smells great." —Melissa Souto, Physical Product Manager

5. Discreet masks

"The Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask is a dream for flights. It costs a million dollars, which is why I savor it and use it only for flying. But it's the perfect heavy moisturizer that sinks into your skin immediately. Low-key!" —Brennan Kilbane, Assistant Editor

"I bring the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask on flights and I make everybody mask with me." —Cherie Camacho

"Brennan gave me the travel size version of Peter Thomas Roth's Rose Stem Cell Gel Mask and it's changed my game. The mask is good, but the size is genius. I let it sink in all flight long." —Emily Ferber

6. Any and all undereye skincare

"Eye cream, always. I apply Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes when I'm flying. It makes me look like I got rest on the plane even if I didn't, and I never do." —Kate Caputo

"I do Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Gels when I land, because I feel disgusting, and they're the best." —Brittany Ricca

"3Lab's Anti-Aging Eye Lift is plumpy and delicious. And I put it around my nose, too, because that gets dry. Or the Moonshot eye gels, which make me look semi-awake." —Lindsay Manas

"Forever21 actually makes good eye pads that make my eyes depuff automatically. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is great too, because you can see the moisture sinking in." —Melissa Souto

7. Makeup that can multitask

"I usually bring the Nars Multiple in Riviera. It's perfect for getting off of the plane, because nothing makes you look more awake and alert than some blush. And it's a solid, so you can take it in a carry-on." —Jessica Sheft-Ason

"Make Face Gloss for my eyelids and my cheeks, and I'll put Haloscope in Topaz all over. So it doesn't look like I'm going on vacation, it looks like I've been on vacation." —Cherie Camacho

8. Dry shampoo, for in-flight degreasing

"Dry shampoo is always good to have in your bag. I use the Amika Perk Up one because it doesn't leave any residue. If you leave it in your hair for a few minutes and then rub it out, it gives great tamed volume." —Brittany Ricca

"I also love the Amika dry shampoo! I only use it when I travel." —Cherie Camacho

"I use Psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo. Sometimes I spray on a light dusting when I sit down at my seat, with my hair in an Invisibobble, so it absorbs better during the flight." —Melissa Souto

9. A toothbrush...?

"I bring a Ranir Travel Toothbrush and mini toothpaste on the flight, because I always have to brush my teeth before landing. It's just a part of me waking up after I sleep." —Jessica Sheft-Ason

"My Sonicare toothbrush travels with me everywhere because planes always make me feel dirty." —Kate Caputo

10. Hand sanitizer

"I always travel with packs of wipes—right now I have ones by Perpetual Kid that say, 'You're not obsessive, you're compulsively awesome!' I wipe down the armrests, the turn-y thing on the tray, the tray, and the seat, until somebody thinks I'm crazy." —Ali Weiss

"The Aesop Hand Sanitizer is with me at all times. It's a must-have on planes, because it smells great and isn't sticky. I also have the hand cream in the same scent." —Kate Caputo

"My wife and I bring hand sanitizer when we travel with our daughter. She's been using the Honest Co Spray—she tries to force it on me, but I'm a tough sell." —Bryan Mahoney

11. Emergen-C

"Emergen-C, because I'm paranoid about germs and stuff." —Ali Weiss

"I have tons of flight anxiety, and part of dealing with that is traveling with Emergen-C and drinking it in-flight. The orange flavor is the best." —Brennan Kilbane

12. Upgraded sweats

"A lot of people feel bad when they fly because they don't look their best. I want to look presentable, but still be comfortable. Outdoor Voice's Running Woman Sweats can be very chic if styled correctly." —Jessica Sheft-Ason

"Cashmere sweatpants! The Banjo and Matilda Beach Pants are really good. I hate having a waistband when I fly—you want to feel unrestricted and free, right? With cashmere, you can live the First Class life, right in coach." —Emily Weiss

"Everlane's Street Fleece Pants I really like, but they're really warm, which can be uncomfortable. But they're soft, and they're joggers that pass as pants, so." —Bryan Mahoney

13. A slanket

"Always my Cashmere Travel Wrap from White+Warren. It's so soft, and it's a mix between a blanket and a scarf, so you can wear it all the time." —Kate Caputo

"I'm always cold on planes, so I bring a Calypso St. Barth scarf with me on the plane. I wrap it around the scratchy plane pillow so I can sleep." —Ali Weiss

14. Personal scenting device

"I need a travel sized deodorant on me at all times. You have the reapply the Malin and Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant all the time, but I love the smell. And I'll also use Kiehl's Musk in the rollerball—I put a little on when I land." —Cherie Camacho

"Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant doubles as a perfume and smells very unique. It's travel-sized, and I always have it in my carry-on." —Jessica Sheft-Ason

"I bring a mini Tocca Florence with me—they have decent travel sizes and they smell so fresh." —Brittany Ricca

"The Warm Fragrance Oil is teeny-tiny and good to travel with. You can fit it in your jean pocket!" —Lindsay Manas

"I travel with Arm and Hammer non-antiperspirant deodorant. Good old fashioned deo. It does a good job, it doesn't smell, and it doesn't have aluminum. I tolerate a lot of smelly passengers, but I always want to smell good." —Bryan Mahoney

Photo via ITG.

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