Eve Lynn Kessner, Soulcycle Instructor


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"Hi! My name is Eve Lynn Kessner. IRL I go by Eve, but on Instagram I’m @evelynnkess. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which is a lovely little neighborhood, and I teach indoor cycling at Soulcycle. I'm teaching all day long, which means about 12-15 times per week. I get to work out for a living! I mean, come on! I basically live on an endorphin high.

Because I'm constantly working out, my body needs extra care, which means—yoga, yoga, and more yoga. I practice it at home, every day, as often as I can. Always when I wake up and settle down to bed for 10-15 minutes. And I get into class whenever I can. Y7 is my go to for hot, badass yoga and Bend and Bloom is my local studio in Park Slope for amazing traditional yoga. Also, mineral baths! On days that my bod is feeling extra tired or sore, I run a hot bath and fill it with Epsom or sea salts, some arnica oil, and whatever essential oils I’m fancying on that day. With super early morning classes and late evening classes and two kids, I manage my energy by hydrating well and napping when I need it. I also do my best to make time for self care as often as I can. Like, I try to do quick face mask even if I’m tight on time.

Working in fitness has an impact on my skincare routine. I get ready in the morning with a fresh face. Then almost immediately I sweat through it. Managing the sweat, wash, repeat situation is not easy, and took me a long time to figure out a routine that doesn't strip my skin or clog my pores. In the morning I swap out a traditional cleanser for micellar water—because how dirty can my face get while I sleep? And then I apply Biologique Recherche P50 1970 to my face and neck—my facialist recommended it after I had skin issues when I was pregnant, and I'm forever grateful. It tingles as it dries, which helps me wake up. Then I put on five drops of vitamin C serum and five drops of my homemade shimmer face oil. My recipe is a secret, but I totally believe in homemade oil mixtures—coconut oil, jojoba, anything. In between classes, I'll just rinse my face with cold water and tone with witch hazel. At night I'll give my skin a proper cleaning with Aurelia Miracle Cleanser.

I love RMS makeup! It's coconut oil-based, which is great for my dry skin. And it glides on easy, no fuss. I use the Un Cover-Up in 22, Buriti Bronzer, Lip2cheek in Smile every day. I'll even put it on pre-workout. But the ultimate makeup ever is their Master Mixer. It's a rose gold shimmer, blender, illuminizer that goes with everything, looks amazing on everyone, and I couldn't live without it. If I'm going out, I'll get ready at the studio. It's the same RMS face makeup with an extra coat of waterproof mascara—Tarte and Eyeko are really good—and a bit of gold shimmer on the eyelids. If the evening calls for it, I switch my usualy hot pink stain for a red lip. Marc Jacobs Goddess is a favorite.

Oh, and hair! I just wash, condition, and add a few drops of oil to finish it—maybe a spritz of Drybar Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray if I'm going out or feeling fancy. I swear by Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector. It works wonders on processed hair—basically, it speaks for itself. Try it and you'll see."

—as told to ITG

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