DIY Your Own Fancy Deo


ITG reader Talia, this one is for you. Back when dinosaurs roamed the streets of New York in 2014 and we put out a call to find the best deodorant out there, Talia, our love and light, provided us with this gleaming jewel of comment-section insight:

"I used to use Weleda Sage, but then I realized that it's basically rubbing alcohol and citric acid plus essential oils, so I've been making my own out of rubbing alcohol, vitamin c powder, and sandalwood oil."

Krishnas2468 responded with what we were all thinking: "Does that work?" Heck yeah it does, replied Talia, before elaborating: "Rubbing alcohol and vitamin C kill the germs that cause the smells. I picked sandalwood because I think it smells nice and I want to smell like sandalwood pretty much all the time, but I use any essential oil I please depending on either scent or medicinal properties." The more you know, the better you smell.

Deodorant, especially of the natural persuasion, is a tricky and divisive topic in the beauty community. In one camp, you have the drugstore fiends, who can't give up their scented aluminum because they're the only effective defense against swamp pit. In the other, you have the natural zealots, questing along for the one clean deo to rule them all. With a few exceptions, they've come up short.

I'd like to introduce a third party. Did you know that Le Labo makes a somewhat-natural deodorant? Well, they don't—you do. All it takes is Talia's recipe of rubbing alcohol and vitamin C, but instead of essential oil, you can sub in your fragrance of choice. Soak a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol, add a few drops of generic vitamin C (Amazon is brimming with cheap options), apply to underarm region, and finish with a dusting of your fanciest scent. Behold: Gypsy Water deodorant! Santal 33 deodorant! Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid by Beyonce Limited Edition for CVS deodorant! The options are endless. Although, unfortunately, perspirant.

—Brennan Kilbane

Chanel No. 22 photographed by Tom Newton.

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