Madeline Poole Hosts A Party


Phoebe Lovatt, Paloma Elsesser, Madeline Poole


Madeline Poole


Phoebe Lovatt


Paloma Elsesser


Phoebe Lovatt, Paloma Elsesser, Madeline Poole

Phoebe Lovatt, Paloma Elsesser, Madeline Poole

Madeline Poole

Phoebe Lovatt

Paloma Elsesser

Phoebe Lovatt, Paloma Elsesser, Madeline Poole

Madeline Poole: We’ve never been party hosts before—this is my first time. But our friend puts on events at Tijuana Picnic and he said anytime we want to throw a party, to just tell him. So I finally said this Friday! Phoebe and I actually share an office, and then Paloma I know through my friends back in LA. Since we’re all girls, I have a feeling it’s going to be a girl-heavy party…

Phoebe Lovatt: A good ratio of boys to girls! Not a sausage fest. Because girls bring girls. I’m not opposed to male company, I just feel like in a club, if there’s not a good balance, it feels uncomfortable. And I really like dancing and if it’s a lot of dudes they just don’t.

Madeline: That’s why I have to be comfortable. I couldn’t wear heels because I can’t dance in heels. I don’t like to carry a bunch of stuff so that’s why I have this tiny little purse.

Phoebe: I can’t dance in flats, actually.

Paloma Elsesser: I die wearing a bootie for three hours. I’m like, get these off of me! I cannot imagine being in heels…especially if there’s a potential sweating situation. You don’t want to be too hot in the club. And ambience is important—no fog machines.

Madeline: They make me sick! And strobe lights make me want to have a stroke.

Phoebe: On nights like this, I just want to get ready quickly and then have a drink. In the summer we’d come back [to Madeline’s] at the end of the day and get ready here. But if you don’t want to look like you’re just cobbling it together, you need your stuff. I don’t want to carry my makeup around! That said, I want to do my makeup in 15 minutes. I’m too impatient for it to take longer.

Madeline: We’re like Sisterhood of the Traveling Giorgio Armani foundation—we all use the same one.

Paloma: Madeline and I always used to use Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer—it’s so nice, but she told me the other day that it might not be the right fit for me. My skin tone is hard to match. So I mix two pumps with Embryolisse and I put it on my face like a tinted moisturizer.

Madeline: Yeah, I’m not actually this tan. I used a Tantowel earlier today. You don’t see anything, right? I totally love them. I use them when I’m going to expose a lot of my body that hasn’t seen the sunlight in five months, like tonight. Make fun of me if you want, but I don’t want to get cancer. So the routine is Tantowels, Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, Nars Blush in Mata Hari—a good ‘80s purple-y pink—and Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama.

Phoebe: Bahama!

Madeline: We love Bahama. It’s the color your lips turn when you get a tan.

Phoebe: It’s a color that probably looks good on everyone. And I trust her—Madeline is very good at doing her makeup. It’s very artful, like she does a lot of blending and toning, but here [in New York] the good look is to have perfect skin.

Madeline: Phoebe one time was like watching my makeup and said, "You didn’t do anything but we’ve been here for 40 minutes!"

Phoebe: She just gradually got better. She just looked like she came to life in this slow, gradual way. She explained that she watches people do makeup professionally all the time. It’s a lot of blending, it takes patience.

Paloma: I’m doing more of a makeup look tonight, too, with Pat’s gold stuff… It’s incredible! It’s really malleable, like you can use it to look super fun—and I even do a little bit on my cupid’s bow. Just dab it into Embryolisse and do a highlight-y thing. Tonight I’m going to use the activator that makes it look super metallic. And then I might pop some glitter on top of it. You can go pretty sheer with it or you can layer it on, full lid. I’m not a makeup connoisseur by any means and I can still use it. For my hair, I blowdried it and then used a Tigi Curling Wand that I found in Florida at TJ Maxx with my boyfriend’s mom that was really inexpensive.

Phoebe: I’m from London—I feel like the London look is actually to have quite obvious makeup. Every day, I wear dark brown liquid eyeliner, instead of black. It’s Wet n Wild and it’s awesome. And then a little bit of this really good Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter from The Balm. And then whatever mascara I have around—most tubes dry out in five minutes, so it’s not worth buying an expensive one in my opinion. Then the thigh-high boots and the hoops are a nod to our dancehall theme. With the hair pulled back, I’m feeling a bit island. I’m trying to take a little from Madeline’s style—she wears a lot of color.

Paloma: You’ve got to pop. I love black though, but I think color can be cooler.

Madeline: My look is especially Technicolor tonight. I usually don’t have my nails painted because I’m always doing them for other people. But tonight I am using Sally Hansen Mötley Hue, which I love. I want to have a "major lewk." My joke is that at the next party we throw, we’re going to have a door guy dressed up in Army fatigues with a name tag that says "Major Lewk." He can be our mascot for this.

—as told to ITG

Phoebe Lovatt, Paloma Elsesser, and Madeline Poole photographed by Tom Newton in New York on February 26, 2016.

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