Laura Myers, Designer, Atea Oceanie


"When I started Atea Oceanie, I was always like, 'What would a woman like Carolyn Bessette be wearing if she were alive today?'—and it’s the same thinking for beauty. That amazing hair that was always just the same but beautiful, undone but super elegant. I also really like the freshness and unstudied-ness of someone like Lauren Hutton. I like the feeling of sportiness. You know when you're beautiful in a way that you could actually go out and do stuff? I don’t want be worried about ruining my makeup or my hair blowing in the wind. It’s all part of an attitude.

For me, probably because I’m always traveling quite a bit, I try and keep everything quite my morning routine is pretty simple. I love Avène products and I use their Cleanance Micellar Water every day followed by Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Moisturizer. I’m not sure what happened that I now need extreme skincare! I got it delivered at work surrounded by all my colleagues who are like 22 and probably aren’t using any products that say ‘extreme’ in them. [Laughs] After moisturizer, I have to wear sunscreen. Being from New Zealand where the sun is so strong, you’re always in the habit of wearing SPF every day, and Jan Marini's Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant is fantastic.

For everyday makeup, I use this Natura Bissé cream called The Cure which is amazing. It’s super light and supposedly changes to suit your skin tone. If I want more coverage, I really like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and their Maestro Eraser Concealer. I use the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate for highlighting and his Bronzing Powder too.

Usually I don’t wear a lot of other makeup, but I've always loved the Laura Mercier colored glosses. Coral colors are my favorite. Her Lip Glacé in Nectar is great and I like the Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes in Unity too. I like the feeling that you can put a gloss on without having to look in a mirror, it’s just very easy. Obviously sometimes you want something more considered—then I’d do something like this Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Red Carpet Red.

I don’t use a lot of mascara but I get my eyelashes tinted. I use this mobile beauty service called Perfect 10 to get them done. They do that, and they'll also do my nails once a week. They’ll come at 7:30pm at night which is great because it’s tricky to go and get your nails done at a normal hour. In New York there’s always a nail salon open late but in London it’s more difficult. I always do short red nails, anyway... Today, I'm wearing Burberry Military Red.

As far as fragrance, I’ve been using Frederic Malle’s Lys Mediterranee for ages and it smells a little bit salty, a bit like the sea. It’s quite cliché but it does sort of remind me of New Zealand. I always think it would be great to be one of those people who have different perfume outfits for different occasions, but I never quite get there. With this, it feels comforting to wear the same thing.

It's important that I try and have a bath every night. I try for five days a week but usually end up with three! I love using the Natura Bissé Tolerance Enzyme Peel before getting in. It’s an exfoliator but without the granules and it’s light, which I like because my skin’s quite sensitive. I also have really dry skin, so I use Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate in the shower. It doesn’t feel particularly luxurious or indulgent, so if I have a bath, I like to use the Elemis Aching Muscle Soak or the Deep Sleep Bath Oil from This Works. One of the makeup girls we work with recommended this Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Spray as well which I’ve started using after my bath. You’ve got to have enough time to let it dry and soak in though. If I need extra moisture, I also use QV Intensive Body Moisturizer. I know, dry skin is not very aspirational, but it's the truth!"

—as told to ITG

Laura Myers photographed by Josh Shinner at her home in London on November 30, 2015. Interview by Alexandra Rhodes.

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