How Do You Wear Makeup With Glasses?


If you were to ask me (you didn't, but here I am answering anyway), the issue of wearing makeup with glasses is a nonstarter. This is mainly because when I wear my glasses (which is often), I mostly give up on everything else. But this is not some tacit sign of resignation—far from it. It's just that I'm in love with my glasses. They're these, and I think they're all that I need on my face most days. Quite frankly, I dig the library-chick vibe quite a lot, and it certainly saves me time in the morning when I'm not in the mood to fumble around for my contacts and figure out exactly how I'm supposed to treat foundation if it gets on my eyelids. Again, this is most mornings.

But leave it to the ineffable Lisa Eldridge to remind me that just because I take the easy way out doesn't mean the conversation is over. A few weeks ago, this video went out in her newsletter and God love her for it. Taking into consideration both people who feel their glasses make their eyes look smaller and people who don't want to look like bug-eyed creatures from Mars should their glasses magnify their eyes instead, she does a different makeup look on each eye. It's so instructive! Really, if you haven't already, watch it:

And now that you're schooled, school me. How do you navigate the makeup/glasses dichotomy? The one issue I will cop to is getting moisturizer and mascara all over my lenses continually (another reason I usually forgo makeup when I wear them). Anyone know how to avoid? Hit me up.

—Emily Ferber

Image via Anna Speckhart's Instagram.

Thick-framed glasses replace the need to do your brows, according to Athena Currey.