Alexa Chung On Hair


The struggle for the perfect haircut is eternal. But if you're Alexa Chung, sometime any haircut at all is just what the doctor ordered. Read on:

'I get the impulse to cut my hair or change my look every day. I used to have a bob, and then one day I just realized like, 'OK, the jig is up—boys just like long hair.' I hate to generalize, but they do! So I thought, ‘Why don’t I just look nice for a second?’ and I grew it out. I’d be imagining what it’d be like to flick my hair, or what it would be like when I could finally tie it up, and then as soon as it hit the optimal length, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I want a bob again ‘cause it’s cool.’ I think it’s boring to stay in the same lane too long. My plan is to have a bob when I’m older anyway; my mom always had one her whole life and I think it’s more flattering than long hair when you’re older.”

—Alexa Chung, in her Top Shelf

Alexa Chung photographed by Emily Weiss.