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How To Apply Mascara To Your Top Lashes

Applying mascara is a deceivingly difficult task. One cannot simply “swipe and go,” as so many women brag they do. Be slow and methodical about it—no sudden movements that close to the eye. At the very least, there should be some analysis of the lashes, post-initial coat. Get out any unwanted clumps (or leave them in if that's your spidery desire). And remember to assess the damage your eyeshadow has done—if it's a pearly white shade (like the one Anitra is wearing in the video above), some excess may have landed on the tops of your lashes, compromising the overall darkness of your look. You'll notice this if you look down, or if you have generally fair lashes that don't look black on their own. But never fear! There's a very easy fix for this. And you most likely have all of the tools already: some mascara; a stiff, flat brush; a tissue. It's like you're halfway there already. Watch for the rest!

Video produced by Maya Margolina.