Never Run Out Of Beauty Products Ever Again


No matter how organized I am about my own personal upkeep, I always find myself victim to the “last-minute schedule.” Take trimming my bangs: I know I should make an appointment when little hairs start poking into my eyes, but I never get it taken care of until I literally can’t see. It's a similar deal with my medicine cabinet; stock is always running low, until I find myself in sweats and flip flops at 8am Saturday morning, in desperate need of cotton swabs and Advil.

Part of this is because I absolutely hate going to Duane Reade (or Walgreens or CVS...). I’ve tried many apps and many websites, most of which talk a big game and deliver very little. And then I found Stash.

At its core, Stash is a shoppable app that lets you compare its inventory of more than 95,000 products from both high-end and drugstore outlets side-by-side (retailers include Saks, Macy's,, Barneys, and Sephora). Then it'll do things like offer reviews from magazines and blogs, notify you when your favorite products go on sale, and ultimately show you how much you saved.

But the real selling point? Seeing that my phone goes with me everywhere (including the bathroom), I can actually buy what I need, the moment I need it. Like the moment I step into the shower and have no body wash…

—Tara Lamont-Djite

Photographed by Tom Newton.